The Perfectly Imperfect: J Crew Hair

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The secret behind J Crew Hair

I can not be the only one that is always inspired by the styling at J. Crew. From the second I got my first rugby shirt from them in the mid-90's, J Crew seems to have always just been on-point for me in terms of clothing, accessories and yes, even their beauty. (The prices? Not so much. They're still kind of expensive I think, and I'm a doctor.)

I've always loved how their models are perfect, but... not. They're always perfectly imperfect. Still somewhat approachable, right?

Lavett and Chin J Crew Hair

So, it turns out that the secret behind getting the perfectly imperfect hair is something that the J. Crew hair stylist has been creating on his own and bringing to shoots. While it is mostly used on the men, it also sneaks its way over to the women. And it is finally available, though only through J. Crew.

Brent Lavett is the stylist that created the products, and he offered some tips on how to recreate the look of J Crew hair at home!

"It’s ironic to think of the great lengths that women (and men) go to to achieve that “undone”, just-got-out-of-the-ocean look. I created my Sea Salt Spray to help people do this with ease, and using some of the best ingredients available so that hair isn’t dried out."

"Spray my Sea Salt Spray through sections of hair. If you’d like, you can also spritz hair with water and then apply my spray to damp hair, allowing it to dry with the product. Run fingers through your hair to increase volume, and if you have the time, you can loosely braid and then remove before heading out the door."

If you need a little extra hold, or have short hair, the Pomade is also available.

J Crew

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  1. oooh, I love J.Crew hair!! great post Christine! xx


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