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Drugstore Beauty Picks From Beauty Bloggers

The New Bun for Fall: The Cinnabun!

Makeup Steps That Really Make A Difference

How to Apply Your Skincare In the Correct Order

18 Skincare Mistakes You're Making (and how to fix them!)

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magstermash said...

Thanks for the skincare tips! Usually, I pat myself on the back for thinking I'm quite informed but I definitely learned a few things! Like taking care to use a washcloth when washing my face...see, I'm prone to redness so I hesitate to create some friction--especially when I find that things like makeup brushes that are fine for everyone else feel scratchy to me.

I also didn't know at all it was so important to wash my face AFTER shampoo and conditioner--I normally deal with my hair last in the shower but now I know different. And I always perceived eye cream as unnecessary so long as my face cream had some benefits but the idea to see eye cream as an opportunity was eye-opening.

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