Wantable's Halloween Box

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Wantable's Halloween Box Review

After recently reviewing (and loving) the new Wantable Beauty Box, I jumped at the chance to review their special Halloween box! This box is the same for everyone and will only be out for a limited time. Today I'll be showing you everything in the box, but if I have time I'll create a look with the items in the box.

Read on to see more about the products in the box!

Review of the Wantable Halloween Box

Included in my box were some great items from Cinema Secrets, one of the big "pro" lines in Hollywood.

Hollywood Lights Glitz, Chorus Line, $7.50
Hollywood Lights Glitz, Oscar, $7.50
Ultimate Eyeshadow, Gold, $10
Ultimate Eyeshadow, Very Black, $10
5 in 1 Ultimate Lip Palette, Kit #1, $18
Hollywood Lights Tacky, $8
STOR Eyelash 138, $3.99
STOR Eyelash Adhesive, $0.99
Ultimate Pro Pencil Lip Liner Ruby $1

The grand total is $66.98
The box cost is $40

Note that because I have a preview box, they couldn't get the Tacky in time and substituted the Kryolon Spirit Gum, which has a $5 price tag on it. I get a skin rash to Spirit Gum, so I haven't used it (I was the only one in our High School Theater productions to get this, I don't think it is common, it's just my skin being weird). I'm probably going to order some Tacky on my own to try out, you'll see why below.

Cinema Secrets #1 Can Buy Me Love Red Lip Palette Review

This is the Cinema Secrets Kit #1 Can Buy Me Love Red Lip Palette. It makes me want about 3 or 4 more of these palettes, but unfortunately all of the ones I want are currently sold out (probably for a good reason!) This kit comes in a pretty heavy duty clear plastic palette, note there isn't a lip brush included.

The lipstick is nicely hydrating and does offer some shine. This stuff is pigmented and it does not budge. Seriously, it stays for forever, even without a lip pencil first. I love the range of pretty neutral red lippies in this palette, and I've been stalking the Cinema Secrets website for #12, #14 and #7 to come into stock. I might need #6 as well. I want to go to their store in Burbank now, just to see these lipsticks. Oooh, yes, want to go to Burbank!

Cinema Secrets Lip Pencil Ruby

I'm pretty shocked that this is a $1 lip pencil. It feels and works like it costs a lot more! All of the Cinema Secrets pencils are for your eye or lip, and I also have some of the more traditional eye colors (black, brown) on my list to buy if the lip palettes ever come back in stock!

Ruby is a great neutral red that works well with all of the reds in the lip palette.

Cinema Secrets Eye Shadow in Very Black and Gold Swatch

Also included in the box are two of the Cinema Secrets eye shadows, Very Black and Gold. These are very pigmented and would work well for lining your eye or as an accent shade.

Hollywood Lights Glitz Chorus Line and Oscar

Finally, included in the box are the Hollywood Lights Glitz. These are basically fine glitters in super, super pretty colors. The teal makes me want to create a mermaid look! Note that they need something pretty sticky to grab on to, which is why you need the adhesive. I tried a somewhat "sticky" lid primer (Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy) and it wasn't enough to hold on to the glitter for very long. You probably need the Tacky.

The items in this box were a lot of fun to try out, and it really made me want to buy a lot more items from Cinema Secrets! It would be easy to create a couple of different Halloween looks from this box. Off the top of my head, I think a mermaid, Snow White, a Hollywood Siren would all be pretty easy. What would you create?


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KElizabeth said...

OMG Wayyyy too much fun! I hope you do a look with it all!

Kallie @ But First, Coffee

Jen Mathews said...

Ohhh Red Passion looks the best with your skin tone. You gonna be a hot mama for Halloween? Oh wait - you already are!

Robin Cole said...

Very nice! I was on the fence about ordering the Halloween box but that looks like a fun selection of items.

Zadidoll said...

Oh you got Spirit Gum! LOL I was just saying on my own blog I wish that my box had that!

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