ULTA's 21 Days: Day #1 Deals

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ULTA's 21 Days of Beauty Deals

I know the day is almost over, but you can still get these deals online for a few more hours or in store if you're not on the East Coast, so I'm still sharing! I was already pretty excited about ULTA's 21 Days of Beauty when my weekly flyer showed up in the mail. See? I was circling the deals to go buy...

Somehow I got a huge box from them with pretty much everything in it! They had asked if they could send me something, I was expecting maybe a lip gloss and a calendar of deals. So, I'll be sharing all of those products with you as their deals come up! Watch for a daily post at 8 am for the entire 21 days, showing the products that I have on special deal that day, and I'll review as much of it as I can. I'll be sharing pictures of the Cargo shadow palette much earlier (that thing is amazing, if you are warm toned you need to plan on buying it) since that's the item that is already coming up over and over!

BareMinerals Foundation Primer

Today's first item is the BareMinerals Foundation Primer. This is a silicone based clear primer, it feels very similar to other silicone primers that I've used before. I did use it this morning with my foundation and it worked well. $14 seems like a pretty good price for so much primer, so if you're in need of one, this is a good pick!

bareMinerals foundation primer ingredients

It's paraben free and pregnancy safe, but note that yes, lots of silicones!

Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lip Gloss Swatch in Glitter Rock

I wasn't sure if I'd want to be quite so glittery when I first saw this gloss, but it's much easier to wear than it looks! This is a minty, non-sticky gloss. It has a lot of shimmer, but it is in a clear-ish base, so really that color you're seeing is just picking out the color of shimmer that you want.

Product Sent for Review


magstermash said...

I'm looking forward to pictures of the Cargo palette! I have been looking for reviews ever since I caught wind of it. Please comment on the pigmentation and application (patchy? blended well?). In the past, I remembered cargo shadow pans were large and blended well but not every shadow in a palette was pigmented.

Nika said...

Yes, I love Prime Time. A little goes a long way too!

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