Faking a French Braid: My Barrette Alternative for a Long Bob

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U by Kotex and Free Goody Hair Elastics
If you read my site regularly, you might remember when I recently chopped off my hair in a very unplanned and sudden change. I’m a girl who has always had hair well past her shoulders, and the sudden lack of variety in my hair style has been very difficult for me. My typical pony tail, bun and braid options all involved much longer hair, so I’ve been straight long bob girl every day. It’s a great cut, but I need a little more variety in my hair style!

In the middle of my boring hair angst, I was asked to share a hair tutorial using Goody Hair Elastics. Did you know that if you can get them for free when you buy U by Kotex at Target. Yes, something you want when you buy something that you need to buy every few weeks. This is only at Target, you need to text ‘KOTEX’ to ‘TARGET’ (827438) to get your coupon! I got 2 sizes of Goody elastics (1 was free, 1 I bought) so I’d have plenty of sizes to play around with.

I was determined to find a new way to pull back my hair! I thought a small (and fake) french braid would be a great way to try something new. Why am I faking a french braid? I can french braid other people’s hair, but it can be really hard on your own hair. When I do manage to get one to stay in place, it is usually too tight to my head and took me so long that my arms have no feeling left. I’ve been faking french braids for years to get around the numb arm situation!

how to fake a mini french braid
I started by putting a little dry shampoo in my hair. I wanted to add a little extra volume and grip. My hair is very fine and with a braid it will often fall out. A little dry shampoo (even on my freshly cleaned hair) offers just enough grip for the style to stay put longer.

Next I grabbed a small area to start my braid. I only went about 1.5 cm in from my hair line, and the section wasn’t very wide. It is really the area that I’d usually pull back with a barrette. I braided this small area into a braid, the end was secured with a small clip.

DIY fake french braid
Next I grabbed a similar sized section behind the first. The new section is divided in half, using my original braid as the third piece I braided my hair. As I repeated this for a total of 3 times to get the look I wanted before tying it off with one of the smaller Goody Hair Elastics. I did pull on the braids a little bit to loosen them and add some volume.

UbyK and free Goody at Target
With my braid complete I have a new option for my long bob, and I can still feel my arms. It’s a good thing!

Have you faked a braid? Share it! #UbyKotex, #UbyKgoody, #hairtutorial

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  1. September 13, 2013 / 3:46 am

    I love it! It's so cute on you!

  2. September 15, 2013 / 8:40 pm

    Cute! I love doing little braids like this. I'll give it a try.

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