Eye Makeup Brushes 101

Eye Makeup Brushes 101

I haven't posted yet today because I've been finishing up an epic post over on Babble, all about eye makeup brushes! How to use them, what they look like and even some of my favorite picks for each type!

Head over to read about them!
Eye Makeup Brushes 101

Also, over on eBay I have a post about Essential Makeup Brushes for your whole face!
Essential Makeup Brushes


Chrissy Johansen said...

Looking at this post makes me realize the amount of brushes I'm actually missing and really do need... My purse will not be thanking you for this post lol

Lovely blog, if you fancy popping by to say hello I'm over at


Jancy Williams said...

I badly need this post..I must admit I'm not very good when it comes to eye make-up so I need all the tips/tutorials. Not to sound daft or anything, but is there any particular brush that you'd recommend for a beginner? ..something that I could use most of the time. I only wear minimal make-up. I'd love to purchase all of the eye brushes you showed us but it's way over my budget, so any thoughts/help will be much appreciated.


Christine Mikesell said...

If you only want 1 I would go with the basic eye shadow fluff brush from ELF for $1, it's the one I use the most often! If you want to be fancy, add in their smudge brush, also $1. Done!

cayla kirton said...

could you post a link to the babble article please

Christine Mikesell said...

The link is at the bottom of the post, but here it is again: http://www.babble.com/beauty/eye-makeup-brushes-101-why-so-many/

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