The Wantable Beauty Box: Is This Box Worth The Price?

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Wantable Beauty Box Review

It seems like every time you turn around there's a new beauty sampling box program, doesn't it? I get so many offers to review those boxes, but they largely go ignored in my inbox. I'm just not a person that would pay $20-30 for someone to send me small samples of products I probably wouldn't like.

The Wantable Box is different than the other boxes. First, you're getting full sized products, not samples. Second, rather than sending you brands that you've never heard of, Wantable has teamed up with brands like FACE Stockholm, Japonesque, Manna, and Lise Watier.

What sets Wantable apart from the other beauty boxes (other than the full sizes) is that they have a very detailed questionnaire for you to fill out. They want to know everything from whether you want skin care (no for me, I have skin care all over my office), to whether you like pink or red gloss more, and if so, do you like it more colorful or sheer? With or without shimmer? The questions took me about 10 minutes, and it ensured that what arrived in my box were items that would work for me and that I would love.

How did they do? Read on to find out!

FACE Stockholm Brow Shadow Review
I'm usually a brow pencil girl, but when the Wantable site asked if I like powders, I said yes. (It also asked which shades!) This is perhaps a little lighter than I thought the app meant, but it does still work with my brows. It's pretty pigmented and blends easily. With a stiff brush it worked well for me. It retails for $24.

Echo Vie Lip Balm
The box said that this was an extra sample of the Echo Vie lip balm, though judging from the Echo Vie site, this is full sized! This is an all natural lip balm (no swatch because it comes out clear) with a little herbal flavor. It feels very hydrating and the beeswax in the formula does make it a little tacky, just enough that it is the perfect base for a lip gloss! $15.

Manna Gloss Ware
I've tried Manna Kadar in the past (I love their face primer!), but their gloss is new to me. It comes in a pretty basic tube with a felt tipped applicator. It has no flavor, isn't sticky and the color is so pretty! It's very pigmented, so one coat is really all you need. I might need to order more shades, Nibble and Lip Candy are both pretty! $19.

Michael Marcus Eyeliner in Galaxy Swatch and Review
I'm a big fan of eyeliners (check out my recent post on Babble with 21 non-black eye liners), but I'm still a bit on the fence with this one. It doesn't apply as smoothly as I like, but I do like the grey color and silver shimmer. I'm sure there's a secret to warming it up and applying the liner, I'll update if I find it! $20

FACE Stockholm Gel Eye Liner review and swatch of port
This FACE Stockholm gel liner is soooo pretty. The swatch just does not do it justice! I'll be using it in a look soon, but this really is an amazing gel liner. It applies very smoothly, the color is amazing and it stays put all day. I love that they sent a travel sized eye liner brush from Japonesque, one of my favorite brush brands!
Liner is $24, brush is $10.30

Overall, I really liked the Wantable box. The only product I'm not so sure about (the Michael Marcus liner) is one I'm still working on application. I was very happy when I opened my box, the long questionnaire really helped identify items that I would love! My box retailed for $112.30, a one time purchase is $40 and if you subscribe each box is $36. I think that is definitely a good deal!

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Jamie said...

I'm a huge fan of beauty boxes but this unfortunately doesn't look like one I would really want to try. I like boxes with more skincare and bath & body products than ones just focused on makeup.

Heidi Koffler said...

I just started my Birch Box subscription two months ago. So far I have received two boxes containing samples of 4 products. At this point I'm not impressed with what my $10/month is getting me, but I'll give it a few more months before I make up my mind about whether or not to cancel my subscription.

Pammy BlogsBeauty said...

I liked my Wantable box, too! I got totally different items than you. :)

Christine Mikesell said...

@Jamie- I filled out my questionnaire to get pretty much only makeup since I don't like getting skin care and body stuff in my boxes. I think you could easily get some of those items!

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

This is the best box and I've subscribed to a ton. I also said no skincare and no fragrance. You can switch your profile too without a problem. It's always worth at least $90 or more for top notch brands. I love how your box reflects your taste.

myritualbeauty said...

I do like the idea of full sized products, especially if you like them. The FACE Stockholm liner is gorgeous!

magstermash said...

I remember once reading a blog where someone mentioned she used to use a lighter to soften an eye pencil before application back in the 80s (I'm sure she just held it next to the flame?) So idk, blast the tip a bit with your hair dryer while doing your hair?

Anonymous said...

You can also use a lighter to heat the eyeliner

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