FingerPaints and All Lacquered Up: A Pair Affair is Available!

Nothing to Disclose (except friendship. I disclose a friend!)

FingerPaints and All Lacquered Up

In 2007 I started delurking from the Makeup Alley Nail Board. I'd been watching and learning (and avoiding drama) for months, but I finally started commenting and asking questions about the time that I started writing this blog. One of the first girls to reach out to me was also starting a blog at that time, and we formed a fast friendship. I've known her on-line and off-line, she's let me hide behind her backstage at Fashion Shows (not an experience I'm likely to repeat any time soon, Sarah Lucero and Deborah Lippmann probably thought I was odd), we've laughed over dinner and gossiped until late at night. Never in a million years did I think that almost 7 years later we'd both still be blogging, and I'd be writing about her new nail polish collection!

Obviously, I'm talking about Michelle from All Lacquered Up, my most famous of famous beauty blogging friends! She's just released a collection with FingerPaints, and it is now available on the Sally Beauty website.

The collection has 6 colors that are meant to be paired together, I recommend checking out Michelle's swatches since they're amazing:
Bare No Secrets and Our Tips Are Tealed from A Pair Affair
Sarong So Right & You Yacht To Know Better
A Grape Catch & Sage It Ain’t So

I'm yearning for A Grape Catch, since I'm always a purple polish girl. Michelle was wearing Our Tips Are Tealed the last time I saw her at BlogHer and it was sooooo pretty!

The collection is limited edition, so you should probably run to your Sally Beauty or order on-line soon!


  1. It is so nice to hear that a real friendship started on MUA. I've heard of so many of those, but have yet to find a real-life MUA buddy myself. I've learned so much from that site. I attribute that site for clearing up my skin! Congrats to Michelle, and the two of you on maintaining a wonderfully evolving relationship!


  2. There was a great group of girls on MUA about that time and I still keep in touch with about 10 of them! Michelle is part of that group. I think MUA is good for creating either a high school type situation with drama or good friendships. I'm so lucky to have been there at the right time!


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