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Your Most Beautiful You Collection
I sometimes get boxes in the mail with the QVC Today's Special Value, and I am just way too slow to review it in time for the day of the special (it doesn't happen often, maybe twice a year). Today there's a special value that I loved so much that I actually got my act together to post about it when they sent it to me! So, that definitely means something!

Read on to see more about 2 of my every day staples, the brushes I was already yearning for and 2 great new products!

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer Review
Since I reviewed Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, I admit that I've fallen in love with it! This is a pretty heavy duty concealer, it covers basically everything under the sun. But, I've found that it blends very easily and provides a very natural look. It is waterproof and doesn't budge throughout the day, and I've had no issues with it settling into any fine lines. I reach for it all the time, and I actually have to hide it from myself when I should be using other products for testing! I have the neutral medium, which works for most people. It's maybe 1/2 shade darker than my "ideal" concealer, but it is great for me most of the time.

This set includes a huge tube of this concealer! I have a 0.28 ounce tube that I've been using constantly for almost a year, and I still have quite a bit in there. This tube is a full 1 ounce!

Dual Airbrush Foundation Concealer Brush
IT Cosmetics has amazing brushes! If they made a brush set I would snap it up in a heart beat, in the meantime I've been slowly collecting them. One of the brushes that I've had my eye on is their Dual Airbrush Concealer Brush, which is retractable and has 2 ends to make concealer application flawless. While that brush isn't in this set, the Dual Airbrush Foundation Concealer Brush is, and it is probably even better than the dual concealer.

On one end of this brush you'll find a small-ish foundation brush, perfect for applying foundation and buffing it out (see how I apply my foundation for more info). It is just a little bit smaller than my other foundation brushes, so it works great in smaller areas like around my nose. The other end is smaller and slightly more pointed, and it is perfect for applying and buffing out my concealer. I haven't used to put the concealer on, instead I've been patting on the concealer with a finger, then using this brush to buff in small circles. Definitely an improvement over a bare finger!

It Cosmetics Hello Light™ Anti-Aging Crème Luminizer
Hello Light Anti-Aging Crème Luminizer is a product that I've wanted to try for a while now. I have the powder luminizer, which offers just the right amount of shimmer to highlight but not call out "I have on shimmer powder", and I've heard that the creme version is even better from my blogging friends!

This product is pretty hard to take pictures of, this was the most accurate I could get the color to look. It's a champagne color with a bit of a pink tint, and there is very subtle shimmer that is so subtle my camera didn't want to focus with my macro lens and on macro mode! (It makes me think I really do want to upgrade my dSLR, but it seems to do macro really well on other things... not sure what the deal was here.)

You can see in the swatch, where I applied it pretty heavily, that this is a light and shimmery highlighter. The Pointed Precision Complexion brush works pretty well with it, though I also have had great luck with my fingers. I'm not sure I like it any better than the powder version, I really like them both!

Heavenly Luxe Pointed Precision Complexion Brush Review
The Heavenly Luxe Pointed Precision Complexion Brush is interesting. It's kind of a foundation brush, but not really. Kind of a brush for applying highlighter, but not really. I wasn't 100% sure how I'd use it when I opened it, but I've grown to really love it.

I mostly use this brush with the Powder Luminizer, it is perfect for applying highlighter to my upper cheekbone, my forehead, down my nose and to my chin. It hits just enough area without spreading the subtle shimmer too far. It's also great for concealer and I want to try it out with foundation as well, I have a suspicion that it will be great around my nose and under my eyes.

YBBB Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil
I feel like there should be some sort of music announcing the name of this pencil. Dun dun dun....YBBB Your Brows But Better Brow Power Skinny Pencil! I love this thing. I mentioned it in my How I Groom My Eyebrows post, and while I have plenty of other brow pencils and powders, this is the one I always want to use. I used up my pencil a few weeks ago and was about to order another when this set arrived on my doorstep, so yes, I was very excited!

This pencil is pretty amazing. It is the ashy brown in between shade that seems to work for just about any hair color. I love that it is an automatic pencil (I am getting so tired of sharpening things), and it is super tiny/skinny, so it makes very small marks that look very natural. I use it almost every day to fill in my brows and then I run the spooly brush from the other end over everything to blend it in. Brows in 30 seconds!

Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi
Finally, this set marks the debut of Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain, which is a product I think you will love.

This is another of those "changes to a color just for you" products, except this one is in a lip gloss form. It comes with a felted wand and applies as a barely pink gloss without any taste or stickiness. Over the next few minutes it deepens quite a bit (it's about 1/3 of the way there here, all of my pics of the gloss on my lips turned out blurry but you can see the type of pink it is). I have the gloss in Je Ne Sais Quoi, but there are other colors as well.

The color stains your lips a bit and it does last for hours. It's a super easy way to get some color on your lips while on the go.

This set is a steal, and it is available today only on QVC. The individual products will all still be sold, but not in this set and not for the amazing price.

Product Sent for Review


  1. I have a rounded brush from Dermablend that I use for undereye concealer, and it is the best! It really makes concealer look natural, instead of caked on.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review. I debated since the first broadcast last night. I mean, did I really need another concealer? However, your thoughtful and thorough review of all the products finally pushed me over the hump. I purchased it immediately after reading this. Keep up the good work. I enjoy following you on FB each day!

  3. That concealer does look a bit dark there--which shade do you normally wear for the MUFE Full Cover and how does that compare to the Bye Bye Undereye? (I own Full Cover in 5 and 6 and 6 is way too dark right now for me).

    This offer is tempting for 1 oz worth concealer--it's like you'd be paying for the concealer and getting the rest thrown in for free.

  4. I'm out of town right now and can't remember what color if Full Cover I wear, but this is the shade I wear of Bye Bye Under Eye, it stills works though sometimes I wish it was a tad lighter!
    Hope that helps!


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