Fighting the Frizz: The Hair Doc Shares Her Favorite Smoothing Secrets!

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best ways to de-frizz your hair
Super Hydrating hair prodcuts to fight frizz
To avoid frizz, I recommend keeping your hair ends trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks; for hair that has lots of elasticity, you can trim every 3 months. This consistent trimming is a great way to avoid frizz on both straight hair and curly textured hair as well. Visit your stylist for the hydrating conditioners and suggested styling products to keep the frizz in control.

With naturally curly, smooth, wavy or kinky hair, I suggest making use of moisturizing conditioners and shampoos daily. These are products designed for high humidity. They hydrate the hair from the inside out. The great thing about this recommendation is that these moisturizing products work for relaxed hair, too.

The higher the humidity, the more smoothness and shine will begin to take place on the hair shaft. The hair will feel just as soft to the touch as it will be pleasant to smell. Some of these conditioners can be a bit expensive, but you will truly love the results every time. Oh, and the distinct fragrances and smells of these products I’m recommending are to die for!

These lines provide hydration moisture and healthy building for both the hair and the scalp, but I especially recommend these products:
Kevin Murphy line: Hydrate-Me wash shampoo, and Hydrate-Me Rinse conditioner.
Obliphica: Intensive Nourishing Shampoo and Intensive Extreme Shine Nourishing conditioner.

Nadine Branch is the “Hair Doc” at Nadine’s World, a salon in Costa Mesa, California. Nadine has been in the hair care business since 1980. She is well known throughout Southern California for her signature haircuts and a commitment to a multicultural, multiracial, total-quality hair care approach, she uses only leading-edge techniques. Her clients come to her from around the United States looking to have her help with their hair issues. The “Hair Doc,” as she’s effectively known by her clients and peers, keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketing and creative side of the beauty industry, staying abreast of care and styling trends.


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