Fighting the Frizz: Greg Ruggeri Shares His Favorite Products and Treatments

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best ways to de-frizz your hair

anti-frizz hair tipsI recommend a fresh blowout with a small portion of an anti frizz product when the humidity is hight. Apart from Brazilian blowouts (the non toxic variety are okay for the short term), the use of a straightening iron with a thermal protectant is always a sure way to avoid frizz. To extend the life of this blowout, use a dry shampoo directly after the blowout.

My go-to products are evo hair‘s icon welder hot tool shaper (thermal protectant), liquid rollers curl balm, end doctor smoothing sealant (protects & binds the ends), water killer dry shampoo and love perpetua shine drops.

Greg Ruggeri of Salon Ruggeri is an Australian native, Ruggeri’s career began when he was just 13, while working at his mother’s salon as an assistant, Ruggeri quickly picked up on the trade. Using his mother as a mentor, at 15 he started an apprenticeship working for a salon in fashionable Paddington, Sydney. He quickly worked his way up the ladder, finding time to train as a make-up artist, going on to do hair & make-up regularly for Gucci, Louis Vuitton and YSL. In 2005, Ruggeri opened his own salon with interior designer partner, Craig Longhurst, in their Victorian townhouse in Sydney, Australia. The two-chair intimate salon became the salon for Australia’s celebrity and elite, providing masterful work in a very exclusive and private setting. After five successful years, Ruggeri and Longhurst brought their salon stateside to New York City and opened Salon Ruggeri in August 2010. Today, Salon Ruggeri seamlessly blends the finest talent in hairstyling with rare one-on-one experience in an artful and chic setting.


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