Currently Loving: Avene Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar

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Avene Cold Cream Ultra-Rich Cleansing Bar Review

I'm not usually a bar soap girl. I think other than occasionally washing my hands with a bar when I'm at a friend's home, I haven't really used it in years. Years and years and years. When Avenesent me a bar of the Cold Cream Cleansing Bar, I thought I might as well try it... it can't be all bad, right? It has Cold Cream in the name!

You guys, I had dramatically underestimated this bar. I kind of love it.

Yes, it has a faint cold cream scent. It has a nice lather and when you use it, you can feel that it "feels" different. There's a bit more slip and it kind of feels more creamy. I really can't describe it any better than that. It doesn't remove eye makeup (and keep it away from your eyes because it does sting a little if it gets in there), but it does an amazing job of removing all of my makeup without over cleansing my skin. There's definitely no afterwash tightness here!

While it rinses off pretty easily with just a little warm water, you will notice that it feels like a little something is left behind. Don't obsess over it, just move on. It's a little extra hydration (I'm not sure what it is from looking at the ingredients. I'm sure someone smarter than me could look at it and figure it out.)

The bar has definitely been my friend this summer! I'm experiencing more dryness issues than usual this summer, likely related to spending a lot more time outside (my 2 year old loves to play outside!) This bar nipped a lot of those issues in the bud. I'll be keeping this on hand for the winter as well!

Product Sent for Review


  1. When I think of cold cream I think of my grandmother! This cream does sound terrific and since its been super hot in California, I may give this a try. My face needs it!

  2. Yes I know what you me about dry skin. I live in Australia and our Summers are really harsh on skin. This cold cream seems like a decent product, I use a similar thing but a different brand. Thesedays I really look for products that contain natural ingredients.
    Do you know what the main ingredients are here?

  3. I stupidly didn't take a pic of the ingredients. That's something I keep meaning to do always, thinking I should post them when the companies don't put them on their websites. :(

  4. Sounds amazing! I was tempted to pick this up when I was recently in France, but opted for some other products. Now I'm feeling regretful haha!
    Kallie But First, Coffee or But First, Coffee on Bloglovin

  5. I tired this product today and my skin felt very tight and itchy .. I'm now experiencing irritated skin that's why I purchased this soap bar and my skin is very very dry lately don't know is the feeling of a tight and itchy skin caused by this soap or anything like this pls does this soap live your skin tight and itchy and dry though it's for dry skin !!!


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