Loving This: Hold Me's Amazing Cosmetic Brush and Makeup Travel Bag

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Hold Me Cosmetic Travel Bag Review and Pictures
I feel like I've been talking about this bag nonstop since it was sent to me, though maybe it was mostly with my friends, over email and Facebook because somehow, somehow this hasn't made it to the blog yet.

This is the most amazing travel makeup bag ever. Seriously, ever.

The best travel makeup and brush bag ever!
The bag comes in 2 sizes, I have the larger size, but there's a "baby" size as well. The outside is a vegan suede product, but mostly I love it because it is super durable and I don't think anything could ruin that fabric! Inside it is a laminated print (mine is the cute bird print you see here, there are lots of options), which means all spills should be super easy to clean up.

There are 2 main reasons that I love this bag:
1. They kept it simple with 1 big compartment for your makeup. You can put a lot of stuff in there, but it is all really easy to see and there's enough space even for a big compact. I love that it is a big flat area and therefore easy to find stuff, not a lot of digging around. I hate travelling with a bag that has too many compartments or is too deep. You have to dig around for too long to find your mascara!

2. That brush area. Seriously, how could you not love it? It has slots for 15 brushes, though I don't use all of them. With other bags it's always a debate: To use a different bag for them? Hunt down my travel brush bag (which is too short for many of my faves, and still a separate item), or just throw them in with the makeup and risk it? This is separated from the makeup so my brushes are protected, but super easy to find what I need and they're right there with the brushes! No losing my brush bag and finding it in a shoe on the last day of vacation... not that it has happened to me before...

Perfect Travel Makeup and Cosmetic Brush Bag

This is what my bag looked like a few weeks ago when I took my toddler to Grammy and Papa's house for a few days (Daddy was out of town for work, we went to play!) You can see I just threw everything I needed in there with a bunch of brushes. It was really easy to get ready each morning since I could just open the bag and everything was laid out and easy to find.


You can get them directly from Hold Me Bags
Also available online at:
Open Sky
Product Sent for Review


  1. It's a nice bag, and I love the features, but it's too pricey for me. $85 is too much for me to spend on a travel makeup bag.

  2. I loved the bag until I saw the price! Sonia Kashuk has a nice bag that has room for makeup and then a separate place for brushes that is great for travel that I use and am happy with. This one is neat though!

  3. What a great find! I'm a sucker for makeup and travel bags, especially those that have dedicated space for my beloved brushes.

  4. I love this bag, LOVE it. I keep my mascara in the brush part so I can find it quickly. What's great about it is that when I travel to friend's houses I'm not making a mess in the bathroom or bedroom since I can find what I want easily. It's a great bag.

  5. Can I just "Ooooh!" This is indeed one of the most convenient make up bag a woman can ever find. You have laid all the exact words for this bag and I agree to everything. Great site!

  6. Love this bag, but $85 is waaaay too much for me to spend on a makeup bag! Looks like I'm going to have to add this to my "wish list"!

  7. Crazy! $85 for a make up bag..


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