9 Best Intensive Hair Masks

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9 Best Intensive Hair Masks

Now that all of the Beauty Spotlight Team members have visited the desert island (which may, or may not, have been very deserted for me, the post cheater), we've decided to start sharing top lists of our favorite products! And... once again I'm a cheater. I think these were meant to be top 10, but I only came up with 9 hair conditioners. Oops!

Regular readers of my blog will know that last summer I went a bit too crazy with my curling iron, and fried the top layers of my hair. Really and truly fried, the entire length of the very top layers of my hair felt like a brillo pad and it looked horrible!

I have tried so many hair masks since that time that I should either join CA (Conditioners Anonymous) or start my own hair mask store. Truly. I counted, at one point I had 15 (!!) in my shower. I don't think my husband realized that.

Of all of the hair masks that I tried, these are the ones that I would recommend to someone else.

1. L'Oreal Power Moisture (from Target or Amazon)

2. DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque (get it at ULTA or Amazon)

3. Brocato Cloud 9 (at Amazon)

4. Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak (from Kiehl's or Nordstrom)

5. Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair (from Amazon)

6. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (at Amazon)

7. Redken Extreme Strength Builder (get it from ULTA)

8. L'Oreal Total Repair 5 (available at Amazon and ULTA)

9. Joico K-Pak (at ULTA)

Product Sent for Review Affiliate Links I Bought It


Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for this post!! I was just thinking that I needed an intensive hair treatment this morning after washing my hair! The Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Ojon Damage repair need a boost!

autumntrinity said...

Ohhhhh!! I will definitely be trying the loreal and pantene ones!! I always love a good hair mask! Thanks :)

Justina Gemignani said...

The Joico one is also sold at Sally's- it's in the Generic Value Products section I think....different packaging, same ingredients.

Lisa Carrieanne said...

I love redken products i'll give the mask a go.


L x

lisita55 said...

Fifteen? he-he... come to my place! at least 25,30. But I hide them, so my BF does not see them.

kissandmakeupsbeautyblog said...

My hair isn't damaged, but I do like to pamper it once a week with a nice conditioning mask. My favorite mask is L'Oreal's Pro-Kerating Refill mask right now. I bet people with damaged hair would love it too.

Kassie lee said...

i use the loreal total repair 5 and it does wonders for my dry damaged hair. i love your post by the way

Patricia McCoy said...

What about Pro Naturals?

Christine Mikesell said...

I've never used Pro Naturals, so they didn't make the list

Anonymous said...

Karmin makes the best in my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

I've been using the Pro Naturals' hair mask and it works really well for me!!

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