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best new beauty releases
There seem to be a lot of new beauty releases lately that have hit my radar and just made me immediately curious enough to want to go out and spend money. Like, a lot of money!


NARS Hearts New York City $75
This set is all of the best selling shades in NYC in one set! How perfect is that for travel? I'd love to see more cities honored, Chicago and LA should definitely be next.

Amour Blush: Peachy pink
Laguna Bronzer: Brown with gold shimmer
Biarritz Shadow: Perfect, neutral cream colored beige
Nepal Shadow: Soft, sheer rose
New York Shadow: Plum brown
Galapagos Shadow: Bitter chocolate infused with gold
Chinatown Nail Polish: Blood red
Dolce Vita Lip Gloss: Sheer dusty rose

 photo nars-bronzer-blush-duo.jpg

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duos
Exclusively at Sephora, you can pick up new NARS blush duos that have their best selling blushes paired with Laguna, their top selling bronzer. This is a great way to try out 2 new shades or have your favorites combined for travel.

Laguna: Diffused brown with golden shimmer
Desire: Delicate bright pink
Oasis: Sparking pink champagne
Orgasm: Peachy pink with golden shimmer
Deep Throat: Flirty sheer peach

 photo new-lotions.jpg

Sephora 8 HR Mattifying Moisturizer Sunscreen
I have tried plenty of SPF lotions, but never one that stated it was mattifying. I'm always up for a new mattifier (always using Milk of Magnesia gets old). Maybe this one works? It sounds perfect for summer!

 photo uvrangetop.jpg
 photo avobenzone.jpg
 photo octinoxate.jpg
 photo octocrylene.jpg

Clinique CC Cream
One of the earlier CC Creams to hit the market, I've been really excited to try this one out! Clinique did send me a sample, but it was too dark. I haven't made it to the counter to buy a lighter shade yet, but my friends are raving about this! It's a BB Cream with a bit more coverage, which I usually need.

 photo uvrangetop.jpg
 photo octinoxate.jpg
 photo octisalate.jpg
 photo titaniumdioxide.jpg
 photo zincoxide.jpg

 photo new-releases2.jpg

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse
I probably need more mousse like I need a hole in the head, but this one is thickening! I'm a sucker for anything volumizing (which I also don't need, but I must have been a Texan in a former life. Give me lots of hair!!!) It also promises to keep hair soft and touchable, which is what really got me because my current favorite from Italy Hair Fashion is a little crunchy if I use too much.

Sephora Waterproof Star Eye Shadow and Liner
I love waterproof products in the summer, and these are super bright but still offer a little shimmer. I want a purple smoky eye with this!

 photo new-hair-tools.jpg

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air brush
In the past, I have not done well with round brushes (I'm really good at getting tangled), and this one is probably no exception. But, it is also a dryer and of course heats up to allow you to style your hair. It sounds like a real time saver to me, so I'll probably pick one up soon!

The Wet Brush
My hair salon has not been able to keep this thing in stock and all of the stylists are raving about it!

DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser
What alien designed this thing?? I have wavy hair but can't get it to be pretty curls at all with a diffuser. It turns into ugly 80's home perm hair! I wonder if this would work better.

What are you thinking about picking up??


  1. I tried the Orgasm blush and couldn't get over how inappropriate a shimmery blush seemed on my 40+ year old face. So I gave that away and bought Amour which is like Orgasm but without all the weird shimmer. Stila has their HD beauty balm with sunscreen out this year and I'm getting it after work today. I can't wait because the BB cream without sunscreen was practically waterproof and provided good coverage without the yellow tones that many BB and CC creams have.

  2. Hi Christine. I recently picked up the John Fridea hot air brush. I am growing out a short cut and it is just about chin length now. I have straight, fine hair and was looking for something to produce some volume without curling. This does a good job. However, I really think on long thick hair this product might not be so great. It does require very precise handling to avoid tangling, and on hair as short as mine currently is I don't think that's a good sign for those with longer hair

  3. Doh! Oh well. I'm glad I didn't spend the $40 or whatever then. Thanks Deb!

  4. I LOVE your UV coverage graphs. Until recently I didn't know that you had to protect against 2 different UVA wavelengths. I would love if you would add the percentage of each ingredient to the graph. This is mainly because I like to run sunscreens through the BASF sunscreen simulator. PPD is always an interesting number to know although I'm not sure how it relates to UVA I vs II. Also maybe one day you could talk about Euro vs American sunscreens, that would be super helpful!

  5. Hi Christine. Don't let me turn you off the hot air brush if you're interested and you think it could be a time saver. It's a good product. I only wrote that review because you have long, thick hair and you specifically said that you have not had good luck with round brushes due to tangling. It could just be my general ineptness at hair styling, or that my hair is so fine. But it does tangle if I'm not very careful. You might be better at it than me! You can always return it, yes?

  6. If this helps anyone, I was able to find the Wet Brush at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond. I've heard they're in stock at Sally Beauty Supply as well.

  7. PinkPirate- I've never heard of the BASF Sunscreen Simulator! I'll have to check that out. I used to include the % but stopped because I thought it didn't really matter, but if I have the info I'll include it just for you. :D I'll look into the Euro vs US thing!

    Deb- Actually, you're probably better at it than I am! I'm REALLY good at getting my hair tangled. I'd accept one if they send it to review (doubt that will happen) but I'm not going to even bother spending money on it. I KNOW I'd have to return it! LOL

    Elisa- Oooh! I never though of checking Bed Bath & Beyond! I have to go there anyways. My Sally's been out of stock for a bit. Thanks!

  8. Chrissy, I say go for the hot air dryer but maybe a different brand. I have one with bristles that you can retract so your hair doesn't get tangled. It works like a round brush and dryer but you only need one hand. Dry your hair most of the way first to save time. -Alyssa

  9. Thanks Alyssa!
    (FYI, Alyssa is my cousin, hence I am still Chrissy) :D


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