How Hot is Too Hot? The New John Frieda Flat Iron Tests the Limits

flat iron styling tool temperatureI fully admit that I’m not afraid of heat when styling my hair. (Remember when I totally fried my hair last year? And as a result I’ve been babying it with hair masks for about 9 months now?) As part of my hair rehab, I’ve been avoiding using heat over 400 degrees, though when I found out that John Frieda and Conair recently released a Titanium Plated Flat Iron to mass market retailers, I thought this was something worth looking in to further.

Why? Are titanium plates any different from the typical “ceramic” we usually see?

Yes, they really are. Usually you’ll see titanium only in very high end flat irons (such as the BaByliss), and to see it at this price point (this flat iron is about $55) is basically a steal (no pun intended).

Titanium will distribute heat more evenly than ceramic, will be more durable, and puts off more negative ions when used (which hair looooves. I found a few references on-line stating that hair can handle higher temps from a titanium flat iron because there is more “slip”, so when your hair is moving more easily through the plates you won’t have as much damage, and when combined with better overall heat distribution and the negative ions, the titanium is better for your hair.

But does that mean you should test the upper limits of a flat iron that can go up to 455??

To find out, I asked one of my favorite hair stylists, David Hensley, the Chief Creative Officer for Laid Brand Hair Care, and who has done a great job of answering hair questions on 15 Minute Beauty in the past.

So, basically, just because the flat iron can go that high, does not mean that you should set it that high! If you have fine hair or like me you’ve processed your hair to death, you should probably still be under 400. Higher temps really are for the girls with coarser or more difficult to style hair. Which means that the girls who have had a hard time finding a flat iron at a “regular” store should rejoice! There’s an option for you!

Yes! Any time you are applying heat to the hair you must not skip your heat protectant spray. A lesson I learned the hard way. The product David mentions, LAID Brand Straight Kinky is a multi-purpose spray that helps to make hair easier to style, protects from heat and UV, adds shine, prevents frizz, etc. You name it, this spray does it! I love that it makes my hair easier to manage.

If you want a less expensive heat protectant option, there’s John Fried Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray, though I haven’t tried it out.

John Frieda
LAID Brand

I’ve received Straight Kinky in the past from LAID Brand. Though, I really do like it!


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