Get the Look: January Jones and her Pompador at the SAG Awards

January Jones at the Screen Actors Guild Awards
While January Jones’ hair at the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year was unique (how often do you see a woman on the Red Carpet with what looks like an exaggerated pompador?) This look by Renato Campora using Vidal Sassoon Pro Series was definitely unique and very interesting. I had to share how to do it!

Here’s how Renato created January’s look:

1. Starting with damp hair, apply Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Mega Firm Hold Gel to all the hair and brush through so it’s evenly distributed.

2. Using a comb, blow-dry gelled hair to create a sleek, wet look.

3. Once hair is mostly dry, use a round brush and blow dry hair up and back to create volume.

4. In the back, tease hair with a rat tail comb to create all over volume, especially at the ends.

5. To hold the style in place, apply Extra Firm Hold Hairspray to sculpt and lift the hair for a look that will last all night.


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