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Pevonia Spa Clinica
One of the most common reasons that readers email me is skin care. How to decide what to use, is something safe, should these 2 products be used together . . . you get the idea. Really, it isn’t too surprising that I get so many skin care questions. Think about how many cleansers, toners, moisturizers, targeted treatments and masks are available at your local corner drugstore alone. Combine that with products available from the department store, beauty store, medi-spa and online and the options are endless! It is easy to get very confused. Add in the fact that less than 20% of women have ever been seen by an esthetician (and probably even fewer by a dermatologist) and the skin care options can be even more overwhelming.

A new skin care line, Pevonia Spa Clinica, has just launched to cut through the confusion and make skin care easy and straight forward. Pevonia isn’t really new (they’ve been an amazing skin care company for over 20 years at some of the best spas), but their new Spa Clinica line just launched in January.

The products are very straight forward. There are 4 regimens, each with 4 different products. Within each regimen, the products are intended to work together and really target your particular skin issue. For example, the Skin Perfecting Regimen targets Sun Damage and Spots with retinol in each product. Each regimen has a cleanser, a toner, a serum and a moisturizer.

If you have a need that overlaps from another area, they might recommend adding in another serum or something, but for the most part you should just have the 4 easy to use products. My regimen says to use the serum only at night and to use the other 3 products morning and night, I'm not 100% sure if it is like that for all of the regimens, but it is for the one I started recently. Your regimen should be for your main concern, but if you have a secondary concern, then you can add in another Serum 3 to further customize things.

The available regimens:
• Skin Perfecting Regimen targets Sun Damage and Spots
• Anti-Aging Regimen targets Lines and Wrinkles
• Breakout Erase Regimen targets Breakouts and Blemishes
• Redness Relief Regimen targets Redness and Sensitivity

There are a few extra serums (not just 4) so there are some really good options:
• Aging Eye Serum
• Acne Spots Serum
• Dark Spots Serum
• Under Eye Serum
• Visible Redness Serum
• Wrinkle Serum
• Wrinkle PLUS Serum

So, if you have acne but want to add in a little anti-aging care, you would get the Breakout Erase Regimen and add in the Wrinkle Serum or Wrinkle Plus Serum. If you have some hyperpigmentation to treat, go for the Skin Perfecting Regimen and add in a little Under Eye Serum if you have a concern in that area, you get the idea.

Pevonia Spa Step 1 Clinica Cleanser
I'm currently using the Skin Perfecting Regimen, with the Wrinkle Plus Serum.

So, the products I have are:
Step 1: Skin Perfecting Cleanser
The cleanser is really pretty awesome. Yes, I used the word awesome. It has this great floral/herbal scent that for some reason just makes me feel pampered. It has an off white/light yellow color and is a little bit like a loose gel. It's definitely thicker than most cleansers though, which means it is ahhhmazing with my Clarisonic. Which I love and use almost everyday. It has just enough lather, gets everything off my face and rinses off easily. No after wash tightness or other issues.

Pevonia Spa Clinica Step 2 Toner
Step 2: Skin Perfecting Toner
I'm not usually a toner girl, I think in part that's because I usually feel like there's no point. You're dumping liquid onto a cotton round, about 1% of it will actually touch your skin, and often there isn't much in it except some alcohol to dry out your skin.

This toner comes in a spray bottle, so rather than dumping too much on (to just get soaked up by the cotton round), it mostly sits on the surface of the cotton to be rubbed on to your skin. I haven't seen anything come off of my skin and onto the cotton round (I guess that cleanser is really working), but the toner does contain the same retinol and other active ingredients. It does get on to your skin and dry/sink in quickly. Which I think means there's actually a point to it.

Pevonia Spa Clinica Step 3 Wrinkle Plus Serum
Step 3: Wrinkle Plus Serum
The serum isn't really a serum, to me it feels more like a light lotion almost. It's hard to describe. It feels more moisturizing than most serums do, and it sinks in super fast without any residue left behind. The highest concentration of active ingredient is found in the serum, which is pretty typical for skin care. Retinoids are known for irritating your skin, so if you're having any issues with this routine I would decrease use of the serum from every night to every other or even every 3rd night. With my newly sensitive/rosacea skin I haven't had to skip any nights with this regimen, so someone has figured out how to make retinoids easier on the skin.

Pevonia Spa Clinica Step 4 Moisturizer
Step 4: Skin Perfecting Moisturizer
Finally, the moisturizer. It does come with a little plastic spoon if you would rather not dip your fingers into the jar. It's a pretty thick cream that feels lighter when you apply, sinking in pretty fast without any residue. I was worried that this would be too much moisture for my combination skin, particularly in the morning before I apply makeup. While it does take about 1-2 minutes longer than a lighter lotion, I haven't noticed any other problems. If anything, the extra moisture seems to make my skin a bit plumper (and therefore smoother looking) and that makes makeup application a bit easier! It hasn't resulted in mid-afternoon greasies either, which I will sometimes have if a moisturizer is too much for me to use in the morning.

I've been using the products for a little over a week, and so far so good! Despite having slightly sensitive skin (I was diagnosed with Rosacea this fall) I haven't seen any problems with my skin. I have no redness and no irritation. I did have 1 day with a little stinging with my makeup application. (I'm telling you about it in the interest of full disclosure, but I think it had more to do with the 3 hours or so that I spent on the side of the road in 17 degree weather the night before. Having a flat tire, with a broken spare tire, is not fun. I've continued using the Pevonia Spa Clinica without any stinging since then, it was a one time thing. So, I think it was more related to freezing on the side of the 475.)

My regimen was picked for me by Pevonia Spa Clinica (I think my friend Nadine, who works for them, is the one that picked it out, it's always a good sign when a friend picks your skin care and chooses the products you would have picked for yourself!), but they do have a great program to help you pick your products and ensure that they'll work for you. Rather than heading to the spa to meet with an esthetician, PSC has an online Skype consultation. I'll be participating in a Skype consultation next week, which we'll be taping. I'll be posting it on Monday or Tuesday, it will be interesting to see what the esthetician thinks I should be using!

Pevonia Spa Clinica is currently holding a program that lets you try the products for free for 3 weeks! You can learn more about it on the Pevonia Spa Clinica website, but basically you buy a trial sized basic regimen for $19, make sure you pick "study group offer". After 3 weeks they'll send you a 10 minute questionnaire. If you fill it out they'll refund your $19.

(Seeing the esthetician is something that makes me nervous! I fully admit that I’ll mask like crazy before going in for a brow shaping so I’m not told my skin is dry or something. It’s like cleaning the house before the bi-weekly housekeeper comes over. I do that too, by the way. So be sure to watch for my highly awkward consultation next week, in which I'll be sharing makeup free pictures, and trying to pretend I have perfect skin. Which I don't.)

Pevonia Spa Clinica
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