Pevonia Spa Clinica: After Using It, How did I like it?

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For the last 5 weeks or so I've been sharing my Pevonia Spa Clinica posts with you. Check out my
Intro to Pevonia Spa Clinica, watch my Pevonia Spa Clinica Esthetician Consultation and read my honest opinion about Pevonia Spa Clinica's Ingredients. Really, the products have a lot of amazing ingredients crammed into them. With the help of the free online skin consultation, it's really easy to get products that will give you great skin.

I've been using the Skin Perfecting Regimen, which is based around retinoids but also has a lot of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and hydrating ingredients. I was concerned that the retinoids would be too much for my rosacea, which is usually one of those ingredients that is recommended to avoid due to sensitivity issues. And the retinol... it's in every. single. product.

The routine was very easy, it was only 4 products. The cleanser cleaned everything off without over drying my skin. The toner wasn't drying at all. I fully admit that I had to remember Kendall's explanation of the toner removing stuff from my water (ugh, I don't want to think about what is in my well water and the added salt from my water softener). I always think of toner as Sea Breeze, that alcohol stuff we all used in high school. It really isn't like that! Instead, it is just a liquid, it dries quickly and that's it. I know it's leaving stuff behind (because my skin it wet), but there's no drying or irritation. The serum was lightweight and hydrating. That moisturizer had a ton of hydration which was really great in the winter!

Due to my rosacea, the biggest concern was irritation and dryness. Overall, I was actually really surprised how well my skin did with the regimen. About 3 weeks in, the weather took a turn for the worse around me (colder, windier, you get the idea), and rather than wait for my skin to start to protest, I went ahead and took Kendall's advice and decreased my use of the serum. The serums are the highest concentration of active ingredients, so that was the best place to reduce my retinol exposure (though it was still in the other 3 products). I decreased the serum to every other night, and I think it really did make a difference! I made it through without my usual dry areas.

A few days ago, I had the "real" test of my skin care review. I had a visit with Amanda, my very picky esthetician. I fully admit that I somewhat dread what she'll think of my skin sometimes! Even when I'm only there for a brow shaping (like I was a few days ago), she has my face under a super bright light and a huge magnifying glass! She is usually able to point out trouble spots (like dry patches) before I even know they're there. She gave me a good review and said she didn't see any trouble spots!

Amanda agreed with my cutting back on the serum and was impressed that my skin tolerated the retinoid so well. Amanda is like me, she thinks that your skin should be treated gently and made to be happy. Your skin doesn't need to be red and irritated to know your products are fighting aging! Instead, I was using the retinoids, but my skin was well hydrated, glowing and had no areas of stinging or irritation.

Skincare that gave me glowing and happy skin? Yes, please!

Do you want to try out Pevonia Spa Clinica?
Pevonia Spa Clinica is currently holding a program that lets you try the products for free for 3 weeks! You can learn more about it on the Pevonia Spa Clinica website, but basically you buy a trial sized basic regimen for $19, make sure you pick "study group offer". After 3 weeks they'll send you a 10 minute questionnaire. If you fill it out they'll refund your $19.

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Phyrra said...

That sounds like something I should check out, especially since I have rosacea too! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Cheryl Hawley said...

You had me at it was an easy routine! Anything that's easy AND makes me look amazing I'll try. Thanks. :)

Gloria said...

I always dread seeing estheticians since my face is always messed up! Can't help it, I'm addicted to active ingredients.

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