Free Social Media Icons: Pantone Bright Colors

Free Social Media Icons
Recently I shared a set of free social media icons for beauty and fashion bloggers, and a lot of people seemed to enjoy them! Most the requests were for bright colors, so I've created a set here. If you need a specific hex color or anything else, let me know!

Download Icons

Free Social Media Icons


Angela Desisca said...

thank you!!

Vicky said...

Thank you! These are beautiful! So generous!

Coco said...

Hello dear!
I've just downloaded this beautiful set and I'm going to use it on my blog! Thank you!
I read the terms of use and I have two questions:
- I don't exactly understand this "If you link to the page on which the icons are offered, you may use one of the included images for your site. The image MUST include my 15 Minute Beauty icon and there must be a link back to my site" >> where do I find your icon and where am I supposed to place it on the blog?
- would it be possible to have few more free icons for other socials?
Thank you so much for your time! Of course I'm going to follow you everywhere!!
Coco et La vie en rose
Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

Christine Mikesell said...

Those directions are for people that want to showcase the set on their sites in a post, I don't want people to claim they created the icons and link to my file, they need to give me credit and link to my site. For using the icons you don't need to link to me.

Christine Mikesell said...

It wouldn't let me finish my comment- silly phone!
If there are other icons you want just leave a comment here!

classic edition said...

Love it love it love it! Thank you Christine!

alexx said...

thank you very much!

Cristin Zegers said...

Super nice of you! Love your variety of color choices. Thank you, love!

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