TRESemmé Live Styling: 10 Minutes with A Stylist to Ask Anything You Want!

TRESemmé Live StylingRecently, it seems like many companies are offering great on-line exclusives to help with their products. My new favorite is definitely the TRESemmé Live Styling.

During the month of January, when you buy 2 TRESemmé products at a participating Walgreens, you’ll get a code for a free Live Styling session. The sessions take place over webcam with a professional TRESemmé stylist at the TRESemmé LiveStyling site. You can talk to the stylist about pretty much anything, and when I tried out the service yesterday, it was definitely 10 minutes well spent!

I decided that I’d use my 10 minutes to get another opinion on a few things I’ve been thinking a lot about.

1. Hair color. I had light brown hair growing up, it easily got blonde highlights when I spent too much time in the sun, but now that I’m older it is that strange in between brown that isn’t great and needs something added for a little oomph. I’ve done highlights (and then by default, blonde when I had too many highlights), I went dark once on a whim and it lasted about a week… I fully admit to being jealous of my sister’s hair, which is a natural bright red. Clairol doesn’t even make her color, you can’t dye hair that color and have it look good. My sister’s hair looks goooood. Really.

Anyways, with my pale coloring it is easy for me to look washed out, but I’m wondering if the highlights aren’t the way to go. Especially after my Mila Kunis love and talking to Giada, I’ve been thinking about going darker. Though I dream of the day that someone pro tells me to go red like my sister (hasn’t happened yet).

2. I had bangs growing up, and after seeing so many cute versions on Pinterest, I admit to thinking about them again. Especially after Sherry from Young House Love cut herself some amazing blunt bangs.

Anyways, I felt like this was the perfect chance to get the opinion of an expert who isn’t emotionally tied to my hair at all. Completely objective.

TRESemmé Live Styling

My TRESemmé stylist was Joey, a New Yorker who was blunt and to the point, but really seemed to think about my questions and give me great advice. 10 minutes doesn’t sound like long, but he packed a lot of helpful advice into those 10 minutes!

First we talked about my hair in general. He said my long layers (which I had curled similar to the pic above) were perfect. He had me turn around some so he could see the back, and he said he had nothing to add to the cut. He had me put some hair over my forehead to approximate bangs, thought about it some and said it really wasn’t working for him. Which was a little bit of a relief, since I wasn’t excited about styling bangs, but I see a pic of Zooey and I want them!

Next, we talked about my color. I am definitely way overdue for new color. I was due in November, but I had a big test for work, then I did a huge amount of work in late November and most of December… blah blah blah… I have my next hair appointment in 3 weeks, the earliest I could squeeze it in. Yikes! Hence my “accidental” ombre look. And split ends.

He didn’t like the lighter color so much on me, though admitted some of that could be because the color is old. He said it looks a bit washed out, and looking at my skin tone, he thinks I need darker, richer color. Definitely brunette! I played around with photoshop some, you can see (kind of) how a darker color would work on me. I stole that brown from Giada’s hair, and while it doesn’t work as a flat color due to photoshop, you can see that the darker kind of works! I have a few weeks to get used to the idea so I don’t shock my system. But, hearing that he thought it would work for me was nice and really helped me decide that I will be going darker.

Finally, we had 3 minutes left, so I asked for some styling tips. I’m going to try them out (with pics!) this afternoon and I’ll share my results with you probably on Monday.

Image 3Joey really squeezed a lot into 10 minutes. This was definitely worth my time! Here’s how you can get an appointment of your own:

• During the month of January, when you buy 2 TRESemmé products at Walgreens, you will receive a coupon with a unique code that can be redeemed for a free 10-minute consultation with a stylist.

• Take your code over to TRESemmé Live Styling to schedule your appointment. Times are available between Jan. 7, 2013-March 29, 2013, Monday-Friday from 11a-7p EST, on a first come first serve basis.

• You’ll need a computer with a webcam and internet, obviously. It is best if you have great natural light so they can see your skin tone and hair color accurately.

• I recommend a head set if you have one. Mine (from my iPhone) was out in the car, but we did have some feedback issues because Joey was coming through my speaker and then back into my mic. Definitely use a head set!

• Have an idea of what you want to talk about. We went through a lot of info in just 10 minutes, Joey had some product recommendations for me (I didn’t know TRES makes a hair protectant spray! It’s on my shopping list now.), and we talked about a lot more than I thought we would have time to do. So, have a bunch of topics and some paper to write things down so you won’t forget.

If you have an appointment, let me know how it goes!

TRESemmé Live Styling
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  1. January 10, 2013 / 7:40 pm

    Sounds like you had a great experience! I've got a session planned for next week and can't wait!

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