The Holidays: The Time to Splurge on Yourself

If you're anything like me, you're trying really hard to stay within your holiday budget and not blow the whole thing on items for yourself. There are some amazing deals out there this time of year, and this is really a great time to take advantage of some of them.

So, hopefully you've finished all of your shopping and have a little bit leftover to try out a few items to amp up your skin care routine as we head into the New Year. DDF and BlogHer have asked to to share a few of their special deals with you!

My first pick is definitely the Revolve 400x skin care brush. This isn't one that I've tried yet, but let me just say that if you are still washing with just a washcloth (or, horrors, don't even use a washcloth) it is time to change! A skin care brush like this is essential, and it's a great price right now.

Second, DDF has a Buy One Get one 50% off code. My personal choices are the Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator (SPF 45) and Protective Eye Cream (SPF 15). Both are great for the winter and still feature broad spectrum UV coverage. You are often exposed to more UV in the winter due to the bouncing around of UV on the snow and such- don't skimp!

Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator
This is a lightweight moisturizer that is just enough for my combination skin (if you have dry skin you might need something a bit more moisturizing). It sinks in right away and is great under makeup. It has full broad spectrum UV coverage, contains anti-oxidants and a retinoid. It is part of DDF's anti-aging prevention line, so it is anti-aging without being super heavy duty. This is a great fit for me in my mid-30's.

Protective Eye Cream
Again, this eye cream has broad spectrum UV coverage. It contains Niacinamide (read more about how that works in this post. You'll also find some of the same anti-oxidants as the face lotion. This sinks in pretty easily and I think it helps prepare the eye area for makeup very well.

Revolve 400x
Special for $45 (retail price $98), free shipping. Through Jan 31, 2013.

DDF Buy One Get One 50% off
2nd product half price, free shipping, through Jan 31,
Code: 2013DDFSKIN

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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Your skin is always splurge-worthy. Looks like a wonderful set.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain to me how a high quality brand like DDF is selling a brush for $100 and others are much cheaper, while Clarisonic is still charging an arm and a leg? Is the Clarisonic model really so superior?!

Christine Mikesell said...

There are a lot of different features. In general, many of the cheaper models break down easily, aren't rechargeable and aren't waterproof (often they are just water resistant, which usually means you can't take them in the shower). I haven't used this particular brush, but I did compare the Clarisonic to many other (cheaper) models in this post:
The main difference between the Clarisonic and the other brushes is that "sonic" action, which means there is a lot more bristle action.

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