Glossybox: A Great Last Minute Gift

So, I fully admit that I have has this box for about a month, and I'm not even really sure what month it was. December? Some holiday box? This is exactly why I don't do those sample box opening posts that so many bloggers post.

Anyways, if you have a beauty lover in your life, then a beauty subscription box is a fun present. You can usually buy a small subscription, and it's like the best "of the month" club ever. Because it doesn't come with fruitcake or already wilted flowers.

Let's take a quick peak at a few of the items inside my box.

This is a Glossybox exclusive blush from Kryolan. This is a mostly pro line, and other than online I honestly have no idea where to buy it. I have a Kryolan lipgloss from a previous glossy box, and it was fine, but not amazing. This blush is pretty nice though. It is nicely pigmented and has a nice dusty rose color.

This liner is a pretty rich brown. I swatched it here, but I'm so disgusted with their holiday ad that I just threw it in my giveaway box for friends rather than actually using it.

My box also contained a set of Incoco for a manicure. I'm really not so good with the nail stickers (yes, I know this is a vicious cycle. I'll never get good at them if I don't use them, but I'm not good at them so I don't use them...) In actuality, they aren't terribly hard, and it is nice that you only file them and you have a dry manicure. They last about 5-7 days for me, depending on what I'm up to during that time period. They have a lot more color (and nail art) options now.

My box also contains a vial of Arganics Argan Oil by NuMe (and a $100 to use on their website), as well as Skin&Co Roma Truffle Serum for Day. I was afraid to open that one since I'm pretty allergic to mushrooms when I eat them, so I won't even let them touch my skin.

Overall, this was quite a bit of stuff in 1 box. Even the pink box itself is really nice, I actually use them as drawer organizers because they are so petty and well made.

You can gift 3 months of Glossybox for $60 or 6 months for $115.

Glossy Box

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