Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meaningful Beauty: What Exactly is in this Stuff?

Meaningful Beauty Ingredients
As a beauty blogger, I get about 5-10 request a day to review skin care lines. (I'm serious people, that's a lot of expensive cream!) So you can imagine that I see a lot of crazy ingredients being added to skin care. Everything from blood, to pieces of human placenta (ick!) Some of these pitches clearly don't understand the science behind the products, if there is any science.

Anyways, you'd think that a brand featured prominently on late night television would rank up there with the fake science and gross human by-product skin care lines right? What exactly is this Melon stuff that Cindy talks about?

Luckily, Meangingful Beauty is much more normal than those other companies, and the science behind the line is actually real. (Insert sigh of relief here!)

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Rocio Otero said...

que buen postt!! yo tengo que ponerme al día en belleza! un besito!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Fantastic post. I had no idea the science that goes behind all these skin products. I also like the way you listed out the ingredients. Very helpful!

Anonymous said...

I've read this line contains parabens! Is it true?

Christine Mikesell said...

Some of the products do, they're marked above.

Anonymous said...

How does meaningful beauty skin line compare to Cozmedix skin care line thank you

Christine Mikesell said...

I've never used that brand, so I can't compare them. Sorry!

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