Michael Kors Arm Candy: Blingy, Yes?

So, I've been meaning to post about this forever.

I'm obsessed with Pinterest (admit it, you are too), and like everyone on Pinterest, I obsessed over this image: MK Watch. Seriously. Yes. I got the sweater for Christmas last year, I now wear a million bracelets at all times (recently I rationalized a weight gain at the doctor's office with "well, I probably had on 5 pounds of bracelets at the time." And, it was probably true.) And I finally got myself a MK watch for my birthday. There it is up above, during a recent swatching session. I usually wear her with bling (those are F21 bracelets).

The folks over at Michael Kors are having a contest which I'm probably a tad too late for, but I would love your help in pushing 15 Minute Beauty to the top (or nearly to the top). The top 3 blogs will get one of these limited edition Paris watches for the blogger, and a second to give away. You know you want one!

So, to help shoot us up to the top, please share, tweet, retweet, pin, like on FB or Instagram, etc. As many times as you want! Just include the code #MKTimeless for it to count. (Also, for some strange reason the FB Like acts like it is going to post something, but it doesn't. Just click ok and it will like the page. I think.) Also, COMMENT ON THIS POST!

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Also, years ago I had a separate fashion site called Things I Yearn For. I'm betting emails asking to me start posting fashion stuff again, and I'm definitely thinking about starting again after the holidays! Let me know what you think.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Michael Kors.


Kahani said...

Hope you win. =)

Kelley said...

I love the understated Paris watch; yours, while quite lovely, is a little bling-y for my taste. Thanks for the opportunity

chatchien said...

Who did the rhinestone or crystal bracelets next to the watch?

Christine Mikesell said...

Those are Forever 21. On-line they're only in a color now, but you can still find them in store. I think they're $6.80 each. I should have bought more!

Jen said...

I love the rose gold watch.

I voted for you covering fashion here. It would be a nice mix with the makeup and skin care, and I would think it would be less time-consuming for you.

I loved the image of the camel sweater and the thick gold jewelry. Timeless.

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