Kiehl's at Somerset! I'll be there!

I fully admit that one of the things I miss most about living in So Cal was our free standing Kiehl's store at South Coast Plaza. I lived less than 10 miles from there, and it was really great to run in for things I needed. Sure, you can buy it at stores like Bloomies and Neiman's, but a counter is just not the same to a Kiehl's addict. When I was in Chicago for a few days this summer I made a special trip to the Kiehl's on Michigan Avenue.

So, you can only imagine how excited I was last week when I learned that Michigan is getting a Kiehl's store! The grand opening is today at Somerset, and I'm definitely going! I'll be there around 2-ish if you feel like joining me. (The store is on the first floor across from CPK if that helps.)

If you're not sure what to pick up while you're there, here's a peek at some of my favorite products. Yes, I'm definitely a Kiehl's addict! (Notice that quite a few of these posts are part of my 5 Year Blogging Fave Products Series...)

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve: This is forever in my white coat pocket at work! Check out my post.

Photo-Age High-Potency Spot Treatment: I'm currently using this on my melasma spots again (I stopped for a bit to see if they were still there. They are.) Even though I only restarted 1 week ago there has already been a huge difference! My Photo Age post

Clearly Corrective: If you have more than 1 spot of hyperpigmentation or want to simply prevent dark spots, I recommend Clearly Corrective instead of Photo Age. I wrote a whole Clearly Corrective Review Series, and I recommend it all the time!

Lip Balm #1: My seriously obsession, I have tubes and tubs of this stuff stashed everywhere. Lip Balm #1 post

Midnight Recovery Concentrate: Super moisturizing, this stuff just makes me super glowy! I always travel with it (perfect for recovering from a flight), and I used it last night. Love! My Midnight Recovery Post

Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15: This was my original Kiehl's love, I bought it back in college (when I had no money this was a HUGE splurge) and it really helped my complexion so much! I come back to it in between product testings, and within a few days I can always see a difference. I'm at my best when using this lotion! I only wish it came in a higher SPF. Also, have you noticed that it's probably the most discussed product on the blog? I think I've written about 10 posts on it. Ultra Facial Moisturizer

Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque: This is a great mask for pulling stuff out of your pores, but it is so gentle! I pull it out every few weeks, despite how many other products I have to test. My super old Rare Earth post

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate: Somehow, I haven't written a post about this product! This is an amazing concentrated Vitamin C product to help fight aging. But, it is incredibly gentle and just... effective. It makes me glowy.

Ultimate Brushless Shave in Blue Eagle: My husband has sensitive skin, and this is by far the best shaving product for him. He is a bit reluctant to buy it for himself (he isn't good at spending money on himself) but I'm good at buying it for him.

Right now I'm testing out the new Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Eye Cream. They are definitely hydrating (though not quite as much as the Midnight Recovery Complex), and I think they're a better option for those that want a cream rather than oil. I'm also planning on picking up the Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil Concentrate to help fix those damaged areas of my hair.

So, 2 pm at Somerset I'll be there (though, really it starts at 1 pm, I'm coming a tad late because my amazing hubby is coming home a tad early from work to take care of my toddler). Hope to see you there!

While I've received some of these products for consideration, I've repurchased all of them at least once, some too many times to count!


  1. nice blog :) follow you!

  2. You are going to LOVE the new Rosa Artica Lightweight cream--perfect for oily or combo skin and the eye balm is amaze-balls!

  3. I am walking distance from Somerset. poo. Wish I had seen this sooner. I would have definitely joined you. But I will be checking out the new store soon.

  4. It was so wonderful meeting you and watching how you can not only be a beauty in 15 Minutes but that you can spend a lot in 15 Minutes. What an apropos name. Of course I spent the same amount as you did at Kiehls and I can't wait to start using my goodies.

  5. @Cindy- I've been loving it! I definitely have needed a little moisture lately and this has been great!

    @Nancy- Oh no! I should have posted it sooner. Maybe some other time!

    @Marcia- I have definitely been trained by my mom! My husband would laugh if he read your comment, I'm definitely REALLY good at spending money!


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