How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine: Pammy Blogs Beauty’s Tips!

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quick beauty tipsGetting ready in the morning is a huge challenge for a new Mommy! Often new Mommys are short on sleep, in a hurry, and trying to get ready while baby naps. My baby girl, Skylar, is 8 months old now. So, I have had a few months to streamline my beauty routine. Even if I am short on sleep, I strive to not look like a haggard Mommy! Funny how even the slightest bit of self-pampering and flattering makeup makes a tired Mommy feel more like “herself”!

I find that streamlining your routine all boils down to a few main points. I hope these tips are helpful to my fellow new Mommies out there! It used to take me ages to get ready in the mornings! Now I can have my makeup and hair done in less than 10 minutes!

Here are some tips for Quick Makeup Application and Quick Hair:

• Use your fingers!!! To speed up my routine, I find that I am the fastest with my fingers. So, I apply foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and blush (if I use a cream product) with my fingers. Sure, tools are easy too; but for some reason whenever I am in a hurry, I end up using my good ol’ fingers.

• Stick to one lip product. When I have a copious amount of time, I layer lip products (balm, lip color, and gloss). When I am in a hurry, I go for tinted lipbalms or balm stains.

• Use a tinted moisturizer, BB Cream, or powder foundation. I just find that these are easier to apply. Save the fuller coverage foundations for days that you have more time.

• Go for a sheer “wash of color” on your eyelids. For me, my “go to” wash of color shade is a shimmery champagne. This shade and shimmery finish really “wakes up” my eyes. Plus, keeping it to one shade eliminates the need for careful blending.

• Pick what you want to focus on. Me? I like to look rested. I have terrible dark circles. Getting up in the middle night with my baby girl really does not help matters when it comes to dark circles! So, I spend a bit more time with my concealer under my eyes (and use 2 products here). Also, I find that using a super flattering blush detracts from under eye darkness.

• Don’t wash your hair every day. This may be total common sense; but, just thought that I would include anyways! Washing and drying takes a ton of time. Plus, dry shampoos are an amazing way to stretch out your shampoos to every few days (I typically go every 3 days).

• Try a Doughnut Bun or a “sock bun”. This is such a quick and easy hair do! It only takes minutes and makes me feel so put together. Plus, the bun stays in place all day and keeps my hair from being pulled by my darling baby.

Pam is the blogger behind Pammy Blogs Beauty. When she isn’t obsessing over eye shadow or playing with pumpkin scented skin care, she’s a former pediatric speech therapist turned stay at home mommy to her daughter. I have to confess that I consider Pam a great friend, she’s one of the first that I turn to when I have a blogging question or need to bounce an idea off of someone. She really is one of the nicest people I know!



  1. September 16, 2012 / 10:26 am

    Sock buns have been saving me lately! Great tips, thanks Pammy 🙂

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