For When You REALLY Need that Blemish to Go Away: ProActiv to the Rescue!

proactiv advanced blemish treatmentSooo…. a few weeks ago I took a little trip to California for a family wedding. For some reason, I had somewhat psyched myself up for this occasion. Sure, we’d be seeing a lot of family members, and yes, they all know about my blog. But, for some reason I decided to put a lot of pressure on myself to look perfect. Oh me? Oh, thank you. I just threw this on. No stress at all flying across the country with a toddler. Why thank you…. Yes, for some reason I decided I’d be that person.

Ugh… Of course, instead the travel experience was less than ideal (is flying that far ever easy with a toddler?), and the stress led to more than a few blemishes the night before the wedding. I could feel them popping up as we drove from Orange County to Solvang. They were getting painful, and they were going to be huge! So, while getting ready for the rehearsal dinner that night, I applied a generous slather of ProActiv’s Advanced Blemish Treatment to the area. The next morning, everything was calmed down, I had no big red spots and my skin was clear! Best of all, I didn’t have any irritation or dryness from treating the blemish itself.

My skin seems to respond really well to Benzoyl Peroxide when there’s a flare up. What’s your preferred pimple fighter? Have you had great luck with a different product?



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  1. October 20, 2012 / 2:53 am

    When my acne (which is already pretty bad) flares up, I love using Benefit Boo Boo Zap. I just pat a little bit over the area where the breakouts are, make sure to moisturize, and within a few days, NO PIMPLES. The stuff works miracles. Please check out my beauty blog: (I also did a review of Boo Boo Zap on my blog.)

    – Lainey

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