Paul Mitchell Curls Campaign: What's Your Story?

There's a universal truth about all curly hair girls. We love to talk about our curls! How curly we are, the pattern and type, what special products we use, our worst curl day... you get the picture.

Paul Mitchell has created a new line of hair products for curly girls. As part of the launch they've created the Paul Mitchell Curls Campaign, in which they'll be celebrating all types of curls! If you head to the Paul Mitchell Page on can share your curl story. On Twitter use the hashtag #curlconfession.

I'm excited about this line, primarily because while I've become a curly girl over time, it's not something that I've really ever embraced. I dry my hair straight more often than not, and when I leave it wavy... things really just don't look quite right. I'm not curly enough right now to just leave it as is, so I do a lot of extra styling. Using products created just for curls.... yes, I have high hopes! So, while I'm taking part in a sponsored campaign for Paul Mitchell, I fully confess that I agreed to take part without getting paid. I just wanted to try out the products! Stay tuned to see how they affect my curls!

Paul Mitchell Curls Campaign


Christina said...

I can't wait to see how they work for you! I think we have a relatively similar hair profile, so I'm really excited to see if for the first time ever, there's an actual set of products besides of the Garnier Gel Creme I use that works!

kavilla87 said...

I can't wait to read your review. My hair is very fine but wavy, more curl would help the volume. Fingers crossed :)

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