Mommy Fast Beauty: How to Sock Bun, AKA: Look Polished in Less than 60 Seconds

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Sock BunOnly a few steps for a super quick and easy Mommy-friendly hair do. As most new Mommys know, your hair must be out of the way! My little girl loves to grab my hair. Even if it is in a pony tail! Hair that is left down only gets pulled and dirty. So, almost every single day, I pull my hair back. If I start out with my hair down, at some point in the day it will end up in a ponytail holder or bun. So, you might as well just start out your day with your hair up! Not only are these Doughnut buns quick and easy to do, they are super stylish right now!

1. Gather supplies: Sock (made into a doughnut shape) or Bun Form (I got mine at Sally’s for like a dollar), hair tie, brush, a couple bobbi pins (optional) hair spray (optional).

2. Put hair into a high pony tail. The good news? It doesn’t have to be smooth and perfect. This style almost looks better with a “messy” ponytail.

3. Slide doughnut onto base of elastic. Then slide it down to the tip of the pony tail.

4. Tuck in ends and start rolling the bun form down the lengths of your pony tail (almost like you are turning it inside out and rolling and tucking your hair as you go).

5. By the time you roll the bun form down to the base, all the hair will be sucked inside the bun and the bun form will be covered.

6. Secure with bobbi pins (if needed). My hair is very long and heavy and needs some extra securing.

Pam is the blogger behind Pammy Blogs Beauty. When she isn’t obsessing over eye shadow or playing with pumpkin scented skin care, she’s a former pediatric speech therapist turned stay at home mommy to her daughter. I have to confess that I consider Pam a great friend, she’s one of the first that I turn to when I have a blogging question or need to bounce an idea off of someone. She really is one of the nicest people I know!


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  1. September 17, 2012 / 1:57 pm

    Beautiful bun. I used to wear donuts like that when I was working as a flight attendant, but haven't for years now. Might have to get myself another one I think!

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