A Month of Red Lips: Stila Beso

Stila Beso
So, a few days ago I shared my favorite red lip gloss, and I have to admit that it was really hard to pass up featuring Beso instead. To me, this is a more "grown up" version of the L'Oreal gloss. If you need a more grown up version of something that is already a red lippie.

This is a slightly darker true red. The formula is interesting since it is billed as a "liquid lipstick" and it really is an accurate description. It's not a gloss, it's a bit thicker and drier. Yes, like someone stuck a lipstick in a blender and added just enough liquid to make it easy to spread around. So, it is really pigmented, not at all sticky and there's no flavor to it. It applies in basically 1 swipe, perfectly lined, fully pigmented, and no touchups needed. I kid you not. It lasts about 6 hours on me, and yes, it does stain my lips a bit, so when it starts to wear off that is a bit less noticeable.

I've been reaching for this a lot lately. I think it's my red of choice as fall rolls into the midwest.



  1. That looks great on you! I saw it on We Heart This and became obsessed with the color. It looks so classic and timeless and the finish is just perfect. And it sounds like a great product. I hardly ever wear red lips but with a color so beautiful, and a formula that's so good, I think I'd start wearing a red lip more often!

  2. You've convinced me that I need Stila Beso. What do you know? A brand new Sephora opened a week ago not ten minutes from house:) After having to travel for half an hour into Toronto, the new store will be a serious threat to my credit card. Nevertheless, I think Beso will be my first purchase. This looks even redder than my beloved Besame Red lipstick!


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