Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips: Only 5-10 Minutes a Day to Whiter Teeth?

Rembrandt Stain Dissolving Strips
I'm a coffee drinker. I kinda really, really love coffee. To the point that when I was interviewing for residency that was my one big question at each hospital, "how is the coffee here??" So yes, you can imagine that I have coffee stains on my teeth despite all of the cream I use and the whitening I've done in the past.

Rembrandt recently sent me a box of these Stain Dissolving Strips. Rather than just a general whitening, they're apparently more directed at your stains. They are meant to tackle those stains and to prevent new ones from setting on your teeth.

This is an every day whitening product. There are 56 strips in the packet, so you can keep using them for weeks on end if you really wanted to. You apply 1 strip to the top, 1 to the bottom, let it dissolve over 5-10 minutes and you're set!

When opening the the packet, you tear along the side to open 1 long side, the strip is stuck to the inside. I carefully ripped the full packet open so I could peel the strip off of the foil packaging without damaging it, but you can't just slide it out as the packaging suggests.

There is only 1 type of strip, which works on your top or bottom teeth. You orient the arrow facing up or down depending on if you are doing your upper or lower teeth, folding over the excess.

The strips taste minty, not like chemicals or medicine. It's really nice not to have the nasty tooth whitening thing going on. As it dissolves, the bit you folded over turns into a gloppy mess, which I always find really gross. I reached in there and pulled it out.

I waited about 15 minutes until I knew that everything was dissolved for sure, but it did feel like there was a little...something... on my teeth. I had to brush and floss (there was some strange piece of it stuck between by 2 front teeth). 15 minutes might sound like a lot, but I did feel like at 5-10 minutes there was still quite a bit of strip left. I put it on right after brushing my teeth and removed any left over and brushed my teeth again after getting dressed and putting on my makeup.

Because it is meant to whiten over 2 weeks, there is no immediate difference with the 1st use. I'm currently about a week in and I'm seeing a difference now, but rather than all over white things look just more consistently white throughout. Which I think is because those stains are better! My only regret is not starting to use these things sooner.



  1. Only 19.99 on Amazon, not bad.

  2. I just bought some, so it is safe to brush your teeth right after?? Also, does it give you those sharp Zingers at all??

  3. I used lots of teeth whitening products but not this one. After reading this blog i will definitely use this product.


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