New Pure Silk Shave Cream: Is It Still Good?

Recently, a little birdie told me that there was a problem with one of my favorite shaving products. Pure Silk had changed their formula. My heart sank when I heard it.

I may have been only 8 when it happened, but I still immediately thought of New Coke. I was afraid that the new formula would be New Coke. I was picturing foam that didn't foam. Clogged razors. I was afraid.

Honestly, I was pretty silly though. This stuff now has a bit more aloe in it, but otherwise it is just as good as the old stuff. Actually, I think it is a bit better, my legs seem to be a bit more moisturized. But I might be excited that this isn't New Coke.

Don't be afraid of the new formula! Just admire the new pretty can.

Pure Silk

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