Beauty So Good You'll Want to Eat It!

So, apparently last month was national ice cream month. Did you know that? Such a great excuse to eat lots of ice cream, and I didn't even know to use it! (Disclaimer: I ate lots of ice cream anyways.)

Anyways, someone recently sent me a great post idea showing fun makeup ideas with their inspiration ice creams. I had to share!

The pinks and roses in strawberry ice cream are perfect to show off glowing skin. I love a pink rose blush with a few pink lippies layered. I've found that layering 2 different lippies like this adds a lot of depth to the look.

Katy from Nailed It recently showcased a really tempting ice cream mani! Her mint chocolate chip nails were actually a special polish by F4 Polish, but you can get the general idea with the right colors. I really loved her accent nail especially! (If you like nail art, her site is a great one to check out. I love how cute and original her designs are! It makes me think I could do them as well.)

I've been playing a lot with color recently, so I was craving a more neutral eye like this one based on Half Baked. Don't forget to prime your lid, it really makes a big difference in how long your hard work will last!

Manicure picture used with the permission of Nailed It

In the past I've gotten samples from some of these companies. I've also bought products from some of these companies on my own. Like that L'Oreal mascara....oooh, kinda love it!


creativefashionglee said...

This is cute and such a fantastic idea. I can use this tip. Thanks for sharing. :)

Marie-Antoinette said...

I love the eye make up, it's really effective. Great post :)

Jessie of said...

Yum! Posting this on my weekly #4u2read right now!!

Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

This is the cutest post ever!

Rose Paddington said...

hmm, I actually feel now like ice creams.. lovely post!

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