2 New Semi-Regular Boxes: POPSUGAR Must Have and Glossybox

July 2012 Popsugar Must Have Box
I'm not usually a person that likes those monthly "sample" beauty boxes. I've yet to find one that I've really loved. I think I'm too much of a control person, I want to pick exactly what is in the box and they never have what I'd want, even if I get to pick I don't like the selection. Blah, blah, blah.

So, there are 2 new sample/product boxes out there on the market that are working really hard to change my mind!

The first is the POPSUGAR Must Have Box. The idea here is that each month has a theme (I have the July, Ultimate Beach Bag Box), and the contents will be secret until you get it. The box is expensive at $35, though the products it contains are more plentiful and full sized, not to mention chosen by the editors over at POPSUGAR. This is the box I'm most likely to pay for, you can see what was in my box after the jump.

I've had a few Glossyboxes now, and I've waited until now to share, for some somewhat controversial reasons that I'll go into in a few minutes.

Glossybox started in the UK, and like other boxes, it arrives monthly with 5 different beauty samples in the box, for $21 a box. Glossybox describes them as "travel-sized" and they are just right for travel, though there's usually 1 full sized item as well. You don't pick what goes into the box, but they do a good job of assuring that there is a good distribution of products in the box. (I feel like many of the boxes are filled with anti-aging cream. Gee, thanks. I wanted to try 4 products that do the same thing.) They arrive in these cute pink boxes that are actually very sturdy, there are posts all over the blogosphere with how people reused their boxes.

When Glossybox first hit the US, bloggers went crazy. We loved our boxes, and wow, they had full sized products! What a great deal! Well, it turned out that we had "special" boxes, that wouldn't be available to our readers. The backlash was crazy, though since that time some bloggers have continued to get the boxes (me included), and they are now the "regular" boxes that the general public gets.

So, now that I'm assured my July box is the same that everyone else gets, I feel it's safe to show to you as a representative box. I still have products from previous boxes and I'm working on some reviews. My favorite item so far is a amazing mascara by Beauty Addicts, Show Off. I've featured it a few times on here, and it gives amazing volume. I love it. And I only found it because of Glossybox.

Read on to see what was inside each of these boxes.

The POPSUGAR box is meant to be a great beach bag, and really it is. You can't really see it, but that is a canvas bag, that is actually pretty big and very sturdy. It has pink handles big enough to throw over your shoulder and it even zips closed. Inside there were some beauty products, though I read on-line there were meant to also be some granola bar things in there too. I didn't get them, but they didn't look good to me anyways.

1. Body Drench Body Scrub in Raspberry Gelée: So, this looks really amazing to me. I'm not often a Raspberry girl, but I have high expectations for some reason.
2. Body Drench Body Lotion in Pomegranate Crush: Similarly, with a name like "drench" I expect a lot of moisture.
3. ILIA Lipstick and Tinted Lip Moisturizer: I fully admit that finding a pinky-nude lipstick (which looks like it might be the perfect nude and very universally flattering) as well as a red tinted lip moisturizer really elevated my excitement level!
4. RGB Nail Polish in Doll and Minty: I've heard of RGB nail polishes but have never tried them. Hopefully I'll try this out soon, though minty isn't a color I think I'll be using. Doll looks like a great nude shade.

Ilia Lip Conditioner and lipstick

So... yeah, I was pretty disappointed in Bang, Bang. (FYI, Bang, Bang was on the left in all of the above pics.) The application was spotty (despite a lot of work on my part), when it should be something to slick on to my lips and have look great. The tube won't even make it to my giveaway box for friends. The lipstick however, was great! The pinky-nude tone was beautiful and the application was very smooth and easy. It lasted for a few hours despite my continual drink sipping (I forever have ice water or coffee). That one was a winner!

1. Blushed Fragrance
2. Figs & Rouge Balm: This is a white slightly waxy feeling balm, which strangely enough kind of tastes like those Geraniums on the packaging. I wasn't a fan.
3. Senna Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio: In Medallion, I'm not sure if everyone has the same shades. I didn't have enough light to get swatch pics (I was fighting against the sunset on that day), but there's a picture of the shades below. Pretty!
4. Sebastian Color Ignite Shampoo and Conditioner: Yes, these are the perfect sizes for travel. But that conditioner kinda looks like a mousse.... friends that tried it say it does feel a bit... odd. Although, it works well. So, we'll see.
5. Pedix Heel Rescue: This is the one I'm most excited to try!

I have to admit that I really love the idea of getting full sized items that fit a theme like the POPSUGAR box. I had tinted lippie failure with Bang, Bang, but the lipstick was really great. As well, I have liked quite a few of the items that Glossybox has sent me. If you're looking for a beauty box with a slightly lower price tag, that's my pick of the sample boxes for sure.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box


Krystle (Baking Beauty) said...

I really love the way you did this with the numbers on the photo an the corresponding descriptions below.

I really need the Pedix Heel Rescue and the drench lotion and raspberry scrub sound lovely as well!

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

The Sebastian Color Ignite are mousse products. I loved them when I was using them. I only stopped when I got my hair straightened since they had ingredients I couldn't use on my hair. The key is to use a little bit. A great size for travel.

I've been thinking about PopSugar since that bag had products I know I'd love. My luck I'll spend $35 and get lots of granola bars instead.

Polarbelle said...

Lol @Marcia!!!! That would be my luck too!!!

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