Lavanila's Vanilla Summer Fragrance Review: Subtle and Tropical Make a Great Summer Fragrance

Lavanila's Vanilla Summer Fragrance Review

I have been secretly toting around a travel roller ball of this fragrance for weeks. It doesn't last all day on me (max about 4-5 hours), but I don't seem to mind the pain of remembering to reapply. (FYI, this means that my purse now contains about 20 lippies, no joke, and a perfume. Go me! I've diversified!)

Anyways, I love that this fragrance is light, summery and definitely tropical without screaming "I smell like that sunscreen you remember from junior high!" It also isn't overtly fruity. Just subtle and tropical, perfect for a hot summer day.

Top Notes: Mango, Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Sugar Cane
Base Note: Madagascar Vanilla

When I first apply, I mostly smell the Mango and a touch of the Pineapple. Over roughly an hour or so they both recede a bit into the background, and the richness of the Madagascar Vanilla comes out.

This fragrance makes me feel instantly summer, but at the same time it is sophisticated enough to wear at work. I love the Roller Ball version, really it has been just fine at the bottom of my purse for weeks. No leaks!



696629e6-cc66-11e1-982c-000bcdcb5194 said...

Christine, Thanks for sharing your experience with the Lavanilla brand, sounds like a delight!

It appears to have great balanced scent and not too powerful.

Cheers! Kaycee (stopping by from Dorco USA -

Jjaz said...


Phyrra said...

I have this and love it! It's a great scent :)

Vi.Be said...

This will definitely go well with my summer/fall wardrobe and the fact that it last 4-5hr is great. However I might have a little trouble carrying it around in my purse if I ever want to reapply it.

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