Hydropeptide Polish & Plump Peel and Peptide Mask: At Home Pampering the Four Seasons Way

Hydropeptide Polish & Plump Peel and Peptide Mask Review, at home facial mask peel
I haven’t really discussed it on the site, and it’s likely that my readers haven’t noticed a difference, but my life has become a bit insane over the past 2-3 months. I’m working quite a bit more than I was in the past, but there’s also other stuff going on and so I have a lot less time for the blog and even less for myself. I haven’t had a hair cut in I don’t know how long…. and I’m not even going to mention my eye brows. They’re currently less than stellar. Hopefully I’ll make it over to my esthetician sometime soon!

So, the point of all that is that my life is busy, I’m stressed and my skin sometimes shows it. I need “me” time desperately, but I’m not likely to get much more than about 20-30 minutes.

So, I was really excited about these products from Hydropeptide. While both of them are fast treatments on their own, when combined they make me super glowy and smooth in just under 20 minutes! These products are so amazing that they’re now being used at many Four Seasons Spas. (If you haven’t experienced a Four Seasons Spa I recommend you do so, pronto. My fave is Hualalai.)

So, while I’m stressed and don’t have much time, you can bet I’ve “somehow” managed to squeeze in a few rounds of these 2 products over the last 2 weeks.

Hydropeptide Polish & Plump Peel and Peptide Mask Review, at home facial mask peel
Polish and Plump Peel
Yes, I know it says peel the scary thing a lot of people don’t want to touch for at home use. Really, just think of it as a slightly deeper (but gentle) exfoliation. This system is 2 products that work together. First, you use step 1, which feels just like a regular sugar scrub. The grit is a bit smaller than typical sugar scrub grit, but it feels very similar and there is a lot of grit, which I love. The scrub smells ahhhmazing, very citrus. It is a natural citrus scent (more lemon than orange or lime to me), not chemical at all.

I use about the size of a lima bean and just scrub it around my face for about 3 minutes, concentrating around my t-zone. Do this for a few minutes, but don’t rinse it off yet! Now you pull out the 2nd phase, which is a clear gel-serum thing in a tall airless pump. You only need 1 pump worth, don’t go crazy! Just smear this around over the layer of scrub that you have on. I rub it in just a little, and you’ll notice that you get a light foaming action. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off.

It makes my skin super soft and glowy, but there’s absolutely no irritation, redness or peeling. I love that it only takes a few minutes.

Instant Peptide Mask
While it looks like a basic clay mask, it really isn’t. This mask has a consistency that is midway between a clay mask and a thick moisturizing cream, though it still has a bit of that mud mask smell. When I apply it I do feel a cool, not quite tingly feeling. It feels similar to menthol, though not as strong (likely the Menthyl Lactate, a cooling agent).

I used a very light layer, and it didn’t fully dry. I didn’t have any uncomfortable drying/tightening, instead it just was still creamy and on top of my skin. It does need a little cleanser to fully remove, but what’s underneath is interesting. It seems to exfoliate (it does have some chemical exfoliators in there), clean out your pores like a clay mask and it hydrates you. Which means you’re all kinds of glowy in only 10 minutes!




  1. July 10, 2012 / 3:04 pm

    How much do these products run?

  2. July 12, 2012 / 12:45 pm

    I heard about this brand before, but they seem a bit pricey.. But after reading your review, I might purchase travel sizes to try out. My skin needs some rescuing too!

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