Makeup Wars: My Favorite Summer Lippies, Visual Kei & Lollipop-Pop by Fyrrinae

For this week's Makeup Wars posts, we've decided to highlight the lippie we've been reaching for over and over this summer. I'm going to cheat and feature 2 lippies, I really couldn't pick!

What I've pictured here are 2 Lip Lustres from Fyrinnae, and while I had initially purchased the $2 samples just to try out the color (that is what you see here), I've since purchased the full sized versions. I've been grabbing these two colors almost every day since I got them, which is about 3 weeks or so. They are definitely worth the $6, and I want Fyrinnae to make a huge range of more wearable colors. I want a few more like pinks and peaches, a couple of different reds and since it is so "in" for fall, we'll need about 5 dark vampy lip shades to pick from ranging from red to burgundy to a deep plum. Please and thank you.

This formula is unlike any lippie I've ever used. It's pretty much exactly what I had hoped that YSL stain glossy thing was going to be... but wasn't. Lip Lustre is like you took a lipstick, stuck it in a blender and whipped it around a bunch. It's like a fluffy, airy lipstick. Not really a gloss, but also not really a liquid lipstick either. It is not at all sticky, it's super pigmented, and it takes about 3 hours to wear off. When it does, it is pretty hard to notice because it really acts as a stain as well, so you'll have at least some color all day long.

I initially purchased the sample sizes of Lollipop-Pop and Visual Kei, when I bought full sizes I bought both of these, Dragon's Blood and Less than Three. It is a little hard to tell the two apart in the swatch pic, but when worn the Lollipop-Pop is a brighter and lighter pink while there's a bit of darker magenta/red added to the Visual Kei.

Fyrinnae Lollipop Pop Swatch

Fyrinnae Visual Kei Swatch

Suddenly that super bright summer lippie has been so much easier!


  1. I never associate Fyrinnae with lip colors. I will now though!

  2. They're both such great shades :)

  3. WoW! Those are bright! Love! I have only tried Fyrinnae eyeshadows and Pixie Epoxy. I'll have to try these.

  4. Cheater! ;) After looking at those, I can see why it would be hard to choose between them, tho. Great color on you!

  5. Those are GORGEOUS, Christine! You can never have too many brights, especially this summer.

  6. I agree, perfect bright shades for summer!!

  7. Checkin' out Fyrinnae now, these lippies are fabulous

  8. I have Visual Kei as well. It's really great, I love it, too!

  9. Excellent shades!!!! I need to try this brand!

  10. I'm loving the neon-lip trend, and you wear it well!

  11. These both look amazing on you. I can totally see the differences in color. I had one lip luster from a long time ago, but I think they reformulated. I must check these out again. Plus Fyrinnae is a great company and I love supporting them! Thanks for the great review!

  12. Ooooh! Pretty!!! Lollipop Pop looks like my quintessential pink shade that I am always looking for. I always hear great things about Fryinnae...and now I must have them both (darn you, lol, a lemming is born here)! Your description on the texture is really what got me!


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