Confused About Animal Testing?

I just wanted to put a little plug out there for a post that I think will answer a lot of questions that I get asked.

I'm not a cruelty free or vegan blogger. I work in the health care industry use information from animal testing all the time (I'm saving kids though, not making a new lip gloss). Anyways, While I'm not only featuring cruelty free on this blog, I do try to point out when a brand is CF when I can. Unfortunately, the number of brands that are is growing smaller and smaller every day.

Big brands like Urban Decay and MAC, previously CF and beloved for that status, have started to sell their products in China. Which means there will be testing.

But, it turns out that the whole thing isn't really straight forward.

Thank goodness that over at Logical Harmony, Tashina wrote a great post to help you figure it out!

All about animal testing for cosmetics and China

I hope that link helps!


Isis04 said...

Christine, is another great website that features CF products exclusively. They also did a great job of explaining the whole China 'fiasco.' Thank you for your information as well.

Tashina said...

Thanks so much for featuring my blog post on this! I really appreciate it! :)

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