My Darphin Paris Update

Last week I shared with you a review of 3 new to me Darphin products. It was a sponsored post, so I had only used the products for about 2 1/2 weeks or so before I had to turn my draft in to BlogHer for editing. I promised an update, and since I’ve now used the products for almost 6 weeks, this seemed like a great time for an update.

Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water
This cleanser still works great, though I have to admit I’m reaching for other cleansers a bit more often than I reach for this one. I’m just thrown off by the use of a cotton round and not having to douse myself with warm water. That water dousing is more important to me than I thought it was. I’ve been breaking this out to use mostly as an eye makeup remover, and I’ve yet to find a mascara or liner (even waterproof) that it has an issue removing.

Age-Defying Dermabrasion
This scrub has earned a place in my medicine cabinet. I need to post a picture of my bathroom so everyone knows how rare this is! There are 3 other products in my medicine cabinet, not counting my toothpaste. I just have oodles of storage all over my bathroom, so the medicine cabinet is huge. I really, really love this scrub. It’s absolutely perfect for me. The right amount of grit, it doesn’t irritate my face and while it definitely exfoliates my face well it is also gentle enough to use a few times a week.

Ideal Resource
If I wasn’t at the very bottom of this product it would probably also be in my medicine cabinet. It’s now been through 2 difficult hormonal weeks… **cough, cough** and I’ve gotten through those weeks with surprisingly few hormone related blemishes. This is just the right amount of moisture for my skin each night and I think it makes me kind of glowy.

For more info about each product and to enter to win some Darphin of your own, head over to my Darphin product review.

Products were provided for consideration and this was a followup to a previous sponsored post.


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