MAC Hey Sailor Reviews and Swatches: Lipstick, Lip Gloss and Lip Liners

Mac Hey Sailor Lippies Swatch Review

This summer MAC’s Hey Sailor collection has really delved into the bright lippy trend in a big way! The lippies I tried out were bright, well pigmented and just… well, really pretty! Even the ones that leaned toward orange worked for me, which was a bit of a shocker for my pale and cool toned skin.

Mac Hey Sailor Lippies Swatch Sail la Vie Review

Sail la Vie is a bright mid-tone orange that shocked me! It actually works with my cool toned skin! This is amazing, usually this is not even a remotely flattering color for me. It turns out that everyone can jump on to the orange trend bandwagon!

Mac Hey Sailor Lippies Send Me Sailing Swatch Review

Send Me Sailing is a “bright yellow red” that looked more like a pink-red to me. (I seriously wonder who comes up with some of these descriptions over at MAC sometimes, they seem far off to me?) This is a shade that I’ll definitely be picking up, it looked great on my skin and will be perfect for this summer’s bright lippie trend as well as an alternative to a red lip for fall.

Mac Hey Sailor Lippies Rivera Life Swatch Review

Rivera Life is a bright tangerine that probably would look amazing on my sister, the (natural) red head. It worked on me too, but wasn’t my favorite.

Mac Hey Sailor Lip Liner Swatch Review

I know that lip liners are great for making your lipstick look professional and last all day, but I fully admit that the lazy girl in me frequently skips this step!

Mac Hey Sailor Lip Liner Swatch Review

Saunter is a perfect pale beige/nude shade for pale girls like me. It will work with pretty much anything.

If you’ll be picking up any of the red/orange shades from the Hey Sailor collection definitely grab a Throw me a Line! liner. According to MAC this is a true red, but really on me it comes across as more of a tomato with some orange in it. It’s a great match for some of the lippies in this collection.



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