Saturday, May 05, 2012

How to Flat Iron Your Hair: Tips From Joico on Super Smooth Hair

I had to share this video with Joico International Creative Director Damien Carney. He is a tad... enthusiastic, and yes, he obviously discusses the Joico products. But, I liked his tips on getting your hair completely straight and super shiny with a flat iron. I never thought of sectioning my hair that way and he uses a lot more heat protectant spray than I use. He has pretty amazing results! What do you think?



Laura Matson said...

Very cool! It's always good to know handy hair tips, as well as makeup!
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Sarah said...

I did a work experience for school at a local hair salon so I love watching and learning this type of thing. Thanks for posting this :)

Courtney K. said...

Wow, those are terrific results! I'm a big fan of volume so I don't use a flat iron normally. But wow, yeah! Super shiny!

Andraea Lynne said...

I like the sectioning he uses, but man-- if I used that much heat protectant spray I'd need to re-wash my hair because the spray would make it so greasy! Yikes.

Maybe it wouldn't be so greasy with a different spray though?

Southern Gorgeous said...

Oh gosh he's too fab!!

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