Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lippie Love: MAC Pink Popcorn Lipstick

 MAC Pink Popcorn Lipstick swatch
This is my favorite of the Reel Sexy lipsticks, and I was really surprised by it! I assumed it would be just another unwearable light purple lipstick. Instead, it is a bit translucent with a very pretty pink color. It went immediately onto my vanity after this picture!



Lauren Burton said...

Such a gorgeous colour x

LilyBiscuit said...

I was going to pass on this one too. I need a pink and this one will be a great choice I think. thanks!

tfisher0915 said...

Oh, that's really pretty! Definitely picking that up.

Angela Hall said...

I still like Heroine the best but this is a pretty easy to wear pink

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