Lightening Up For Spring: Nivea Extended Moisture

Nivea Extended Moisture review

Now that spring is officially here to stay, I’m starting my annual lightening up of products. Which includes my usual beloved Cetaphil Cream. While this intense moisturizer is a must have in the cold winter weather (without it my eczema flares and I become a big red, flaky mess), once the warmer weather is here it is definitely just too much. It is heavy, takes longer to sink in and I start to feel greasy. Just kinda gross.

So, every year I start the search for a lighter lotion that is still enough hydration. And hopefully it comes in a pump, because I just find those a lot easier to use. I’ve yet to find a lotion that I really like, most of them don’t make it to the blog.

So, finally! Here’s a good lotion to recommend. This Nivea lotion has a very faint scent that disappears once applied (good!), it feels hydrating and sinks in right away with no residue left behind. Most importantly it is just exactly the right amount of moisture for my skin in this weather. And it sticks around! I’ve found decent lotions in the past, but 8 hours later I feel dry again. Not exactly what I want when I’m running around in a dress or shorts. This lotion keeps me hydrated for a looooong time.

So, I think this is my new go-to lotion for spring/summer. Worth checking out if you need some extra moisture as well.



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