Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Review: Does Lancome Hype Equal Amazing Volume?

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara Review
Sooo.... how 'bout dem Lancome mascaras? Pretty amazing, heh? I swear every time I turn around I hear about how amazing they are. I've tried them before, but since they often are for things I don't need more of (any more length and my lashes will be permanently stuck to the inside of my glasses), I usually ignore them. Plus that whole thing with the vibrating of the wand? I fell for it and ran to my local counter, only to get a mascara that was kind of blah. And expensive.

On a recent trip to Sephora, I went to look for the Doll's Eye's mascara that everyone loves. And got distracted by this one, which seem REALLY, REALLY EXCITED ABOUT VOLUME. (It is "the ultimate instant-volume mascara for lash drama") So, I grabbed it instead.

The first thing that you'll notice about this mascara is the shape of the wand. It's a bit flattened and it has this strange curvy S shape. The bristles also stick out a bit at some wonky angles, though I believe this is on purpose. It took a while to get the hang of it, but the idea is that the S curves around with your lid, letting you hit more of the lashes at once.

I found that this bristles hold on to a lot of product, and you'll want to blot it gently with a tissue before application or else this can get pretty messy! After the light blotting I found that it was a pretty clump free mascara and did help with some nice volume, though it wasn't a lot of volume. There was some length, but not a lot. And the curl seemed to depart towards dinner time.

I'd put this mascara in the "nice" category, but I have better ones that cost less. I'll continue to reach for my LashBlast when I want lots of volume.

Note that this mascara comes in a dark grey from Lancome and their counters. It appears that the color I have, Excessive Black, might be a Sephora exclusive? Not sure, but it appears to be only from Sephora on-line and when I double checked my local Lancome counter only had the grey.


  1. I have purchased it in Excessive Black from Nordstrom. Wonder if that colour is only for certain stores. I go back and forth on this. I got a TON of samples from my gal there, but then when I bought the full size it seemed to dry out MUCH more quickly than the full size. I have bought 3, at different times, and seem to have this problem consistently. Since I usually have multiple mascaras going at once (6 right now, I think, you know, different styles and such!) I was very happy she just loaded me down with like 15 of the mini tubes so I just use those when I want to wear this one.

    Also, I was going to comment on the Anastasia one...I have not been a fan of Stila mascara in the past, but they just came out with one to pair up with their waterproof liquid liner that came out 2 summers ago (which I LOVE and is a must have for me). Tried it for the first time this weekend and I am so impressed with the wear, the brush, and the formula! Was wondering if you have tried it yet, and what you think of it.

  2. Hi Tara!
    I think you must be right, the color is only at certain stores? I didn't check Nordies (the nearest one is about 45 minutes from me), I checked Macy's. I haven't noticed the drying out issue so much, though that could be why I was having clumping issues if I didn't wipe the wand? (Because I underplayed it above since I solved the issue, but really, if I don't wipe the wand I can look like Tammy Faye really easily with this mascara)

    As for the Stila, do you mean this waterproof one?
    I haven't tried it yet, it's on my long list of things to buy!

    I definitely agree about the Stila waterproof eye liner, that stuff is amazing. Mine is almost gone so I need to buy more, but it is the easiest liquid liner to apply and it looks perfect all day! It's even easy to remove. Love it!

  3. Hi! Yes, that is the one! I really love it.


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