Hard Candy Flat to Fab Mascara Review: No Curler Needed?

Hard Candy Flat to Fab Mascara Review

This mascara from Hard Candy promises volume and curl in 1 little tube, no curler even needed. I was a bit afraid of the exaggerated hour glass shape of the mascara wand at first, but overall… how did it do?

Well, once I was used to that wand, the results were pretty good. I found that I did still need to use a curler, though I thought the mascara held the curl pretty well through most of the day. It offered good length and volume and clumping was kept to a minimum. As well, there were no flaking or smudging issues.

To get good results with that crazy wand you’ll need to ignore the entire length of the wand and just use one “bulb”. The exaggerated shape meant that I could hit lashes with the 2 bulbs, but in between I was missing lashes. Somehow I always managed to make one of the 2 areas clumpy. Just use it like it is a round mascara brush and you’ll be fine!

Hard Candy


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  1. April 10, 2012 / 3:01 am

    Looks like my lashes with the expensive Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara. I'd rather spend Hard Candy prices.

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