Gillette Venus with Olay Razor Review: Finally an All In One that Works!

Gillette Venus razor with Olay review

Recently I shared the news that there was a new Venus razor with Olay, and while I was excited about it… As usual I was a bit worried that the hydrating/razor gel strip things wouldn’t be quite as good as a regular shave gel, and that they’d simply get in the way of a decent shave. This is usually a good idea that isn’t well executed. I try them out only to revert to my normal razor and shave gel within the week.

Well, after having used this razor for about 2 weeks I can definitely that it is about time that someone figured out how to do this right! The Olay strips are every bit as good as a regular shave gel. They are hydrating, helped me get a smooth shave and they move so freely that they only got a bit in the way in the very tightest of corners (aka, near my bikini line a little), but it didn’t make a big difference. That Olay strip actually lasts for the entire life of the razor as well. At the 2 week mark I need to change out my blade, but I still have about half of the Olay strips left. And, the 5 blades, in combination with the Olay strips, did give me a very close and smooth shave.

There really are 2 downsides to this razor. The first is that because the strips get moved a bit too much in tight spots (again, bikini line) they aren’t as helpful there. I recommend still using a shave product there since that’s the last place you want razor burn.

Second is obviously price. These things are a bit pricy. I’m planning to pick up a few more blades and use them throughout the summer. The results were definitely smoother than with my usual 3 bladed Venus razor heads, and I know I’ll love it when running around in skirts and dresses.

Gillette Venus


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