Monday, April 16, 2012

Do You Have a Hair Question??

I'm so excited about this! Today I had an amazing phone conversation with the guys behind Laid Brand, a new hair care company. They have some great products that I can't wait to try out (they are sitting on my counter right now), with great features like an adjustable nozzle on the hair spray, shampoo that actually helps to repair your hair and even pheromones in the products.

After telling me more about the products, how to use them and who they are best for, David Hensley, made my day! David is the chief stylist, creative officer... hair guru? of Laid Brand and he is a very popular hair stylist who has worked in Florida and California. In our discussion, David offered to help me with some hair features, and one thing lead to another... and I convinced him to be my go-to hair guy.

For years I've wanted someone in the industry that I'd be able to ask questions of, have me help answer reader questions, basically be a go-to hair guy. David has offered to help with hair education (something I desperately need!), to help answer questions, etc.

So, what I want to know is, what do you want to know? Do you have specific questions about your own hair? Is there a hair style you want to recreate? Is there a hair topic that you would just like to know more about, like what to look for in products to add volume or how to prevent your color from fading? You can leave a comment below or send me an email.

Laid Brand Hair Care
David L Hensley


Marla said...

Yay! This sounds awesome!

I am so scared to dye my hair and I was wondering if dying my hair a lighter or darker color (I am currently light brown) will change my texture and color FOREVER.... obviously it will change it immediately, but will it have long term effects?

I also wanted to know the benefits of pheromones, you said the products include them but I have no idea what they are :)

And one last question: what do sulfates and other chemicals like that do to your hair? why are they bad?

Christine said...

Ooooh! Good questions Marla! I'm going to answer the pheromone question a little bit when I review their products, but definitely we'll get some info from David.

Sulfates are something I've been meaning to address for a long time in regards to the skin, and I'm always making note of them in hair care products, but I really don't know what they do to the actual hair. Along those same lines, I've heard some people try to avoid Sodium Chloride in their hair products, I don't know why!

shannon said...

let's see - how to braid your hair so it doesn't look thin and limp, how to keep a hair style alive through a whole day (mine always falls out/flat), how to get volume without backcombing (or a safer healthy way to backcomb), how to improve hair thickness :)

Amanda said...

My hair is damaged, when I say damaged, I literally mean it breaks off (you can SEE it on my shirt,etc) even when NOTHING it touching it, let a lone trying to brush it. What are the best products or salon treatments (that don't cost a FORTUNE!) that can help this? I know less or as little to NO heat as possible, don't tug/pull, don't wash EVERYDAY, etc.

Pammy (PammyBlogsBeauty) said...

This is great Christine! I am always looking for tips on how to combat damage secondary to highlights. Specifically, how to add more protein to the hair. I have a few treatments that I like. But, I am always looking for more information in this area.

Cynthia Bailey MD said...

I’d love to learn a fun updo for fine straight hair just below the shoulder. What products should I put in to make the hair ‘cooperate’ and how do I create a look that’s appropriate for someone someone in their 50s? I’ve seen some really great updo videos but they are more for young faces. What can we middle age gals do with our hair that's fun and hip?

Candice said...

What are the most important basic ingredients in a shampoo, conditioner and/or treatment? Keratin/proteins, oils, etc? What should I look for in an ingredient list to give me the most bang for the buck? I have long hair and looking for the absolute best way to take care of my locks :)

Angela said...

Overall, I have healthy hair (not dry, no split ends), but I seem to always have these short hairs around my temple leading me to think that I am breaking my hair from styling and blow drying. Is there anything I can do to minimize this?

magstermash said...

I'd like to learn how to do my hair for an outdoor summer/fall wedding (as a bridesmaid). I'm in my twenties and have layered thick straight hair just below the shoulder. The hair is so heavy and slippery-straight (sort of like silk) that it doesn't like to stay in any sort of hair-do (unless I attack it with damaging products that feel like glue). Is there an elegant hair-do out there that my heavy, slippery hair of various length can stay in? Are there products I can use to keep it up and not do so much damage?

Anonymous said...

The hair on my hairline is really soft compared to the rest of my hair and it easily breaks, lately leaving me with a somewhat receding hairline. Is there anything i can do to stop the breakage or any products that you'd recommend ?? thanks

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