Coming Soon: The Total Beauty Collection

The Total Beauty Collection
Yes, it is true. Total Beauty, the great beauty site, is coming out with a sampling program. Yet another sampling program. I know... it feels like there are so many of them, doesn't it?

Well, this one does promise to be a little bit different. They've actually taken into account what most of us complain about with the other programs. For me, that's brands I've never heard of and not enough variety. Do I really want to sign up for a sampling program that is 95% skin care? Not so much.

So, they've made sure that the products aren't just skin care. And they're high end brands that you've heard of (well, I have. Some of these names might be new to you, but trust me, these are ones you'll want to know) And it is only $15 a sampling!

The program goes on sale May 7th, but in the meantime you can RSVP "yes" to the launch over on the Total Beauty Facebook Page. It will get you a chance to win a free sampling!

Total Beauty Collection


The Lacquered Lady said...

I'm a reviewer on TB. Lately they have really been trying to expand their brand. This looks interesting.

Dlori said...

I love the sound of this program. Have been a dedicated fan and beauty blogger for a while and have belonged to what seems like every sample program out there. Most haven't been worth the money in my opinion. There are several exceptions such as the QVC and the New Beauty quarterly sets that are absolutely fabulous. The QVC New Beauty set is a little different from the regular New Beauty sets so I get both. These samples are incredible and I can't recommend them high enough. I also love the Allure/ monthly sets which are also fabulous. I haven't been impressed with the others I've tried such as Birchbox. However, anything with Totalbeauty's name attached to it MUST be terrific so this is one program I am definitely going to be testing. Thank you for always thinking of ways to give your many fans the very best.

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