Beauty for Real Mascara Review: Does a Light Make a Difference?

Beauty for Real Mascara Review
I want to fully admit that I thought that this product was a bit of a gimmick at first. A light? On my mascara wand?? I don't really get it. Beauty for Real likes to put lights on their products, and while some of them I get (easier to reapply your lippie when out at night if that light is there), the mascara one is a bit strange to me. I think there are probably some people that reapply their mascara when out at night and I'm just not one of them. Some of my friends thought this light was a great idea.

Anyways, I did like this mascara. I thought that it did provide nice volume that stayed throughout the day, though somehow that didn't quite translate over to the pictures. The curl held all day as well, and there were no issues with clumping or smudging. That's a big bonus since I do seem to be having those problems lately. It lasts most the day (about 12 hours without issues), and while not waterproof I do think it is a bit water resistant. Probably great for going out if you have a more social life than me.

Beauty for Real

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socialitedreams said...

i get the lippie lights, but that's about it lol

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